In Space We’re Here A Million Miles Away

Even though I haven’t got a chance to walk around the beach or dive into the pool or do any FUN activities involving the sun (well actually, I don’t really find any activity involving the sun…fun) this summer, I can say that I’m still contented.

One reason is that I purchased these babies.


Ever since I finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, I started getting quite interested with the Asian Culture. I have not really gave much thought on the tales of the orient before because I think I was still too obsessed with Rick Riordan’s modern adaptation of the Greek Myth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). Now I just realized how much I’ve been missing.


Also I needed this book because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to drawing. I feel that this is a way of improving myself and also I don’t want my drawings having the same poses in every way I draw them.

Luckily, as I was browsing at the stacks of books on Booksale, just browsing because my budget is just enough for my lunch and fare, I found these two and like a cunning mother protecting her child from the clutches of the predators in this jungle of published ideas and the sea of literary works, I hid them deep behind the books that are not given much attention by the people and then whispered to them that I shall return with a wad of cash and we’ll be together once and for all.

And the next day I came back but I guess I didn’t consider the employees working there and how they would arrange the books everyday that’s why I had a hard time finding those books again. But eventually I found them, purchased them and took them home. It cost me my savings but it was worth it. and I’m happy.

The second reason is that my cousin installed Assassin’s Creed: Revelation and I liked it. It was entertaining to play. The graphics are just amazing. Yeah, I think I might give exceptions to the things I said on my last entry about video games.


oh and by the way, is it me or this guy, Yusuf is just attractive?


Third reason is that I now have a small notebook that I can carry around where I can write my ideas in the most random places and situations. I’m just really tired of ideas popping out of my brain and then I would forget about it after some time. It’s really frustrating.


and last, we’re making a music video and I’m just really excited. We just finished shooting awhile ago. Funny thing happened awhile ago at the bus station. We were on the bus waiting for our friend because he said that he will catch up. But then the bus started to move and we kinda panicked. We told the driver to please be so kind to wait for a while. My other friend decided to call him and tell him where we were. And then he found us and they were still talking on the phone and I know I kinda suck at telling the story but It all felt so dramatic that I thought I was watching a TV-drama.

We also met these two brothers who owned a farm somewhere in Panicuason and they were so kind that my friends thought they were murderers. They gave us half a dozen of their flowers for free and a kilo or two of Indian mangoes also for free.

So yeah, I guess that’s about it. Summer, so far, so good. May not be any better but, I can live to that.


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