Summer Classes Are Finally Over

Yesterday we did one of the most hilarious prank in the history of my life deceiving people with far-flying lies and laughing at them afterwards. It was lunch time and there were so many people and so we had to sit separately because the chairs on each table were limited.

That was when our friend went to our table and asked if why are we all not sitting together. And, as an instinct, I told her we’re not in good terms. And so she started asking why. We started to panic because we had no idea what good false story to tell her. And so we just shrugged and told her, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask them since they’re so good at making up stories,” Then, she told us that she’ll be going to the other table and listen to their side of the story. We were relieved but only for a brief moment because just as she was heading to their table, we realized that we had no idea what story they’re going to talk about. And that we would totally ruin the whole thing if we dare to make a mistake. Luckily, another friend came in and pretended she was neutral about the whole thing so she can transfer from one table to another and guide us to what story we’re following.

And in those moments, we were trying our best to keep a straight face because I can’t believe how this friend of ours is really trying her best to make everything okay again. lol. She would go back and forth from our table to theirs and every time she would go to one table, the other table would burst out laughing their asses of as they see their faces forcing not to laugh.

But before our classes resume, we finally couldn’t take it anymore and admitted everything. And although she laughed along with us, she would occasionally space out probably thinking how mean it was of us to do that. If felt so real.

fun times.

And awhile ago, my friends and I decided to have a photoshoot because this friend of mine wanted to make a video. And so we went to the soccer field and stayed there until the sun went down and the weirdness heightened its level. One of my friends started playing Daft Punk songs and then we started dancing along. And it wasn’t just a party dance. We were dancing the lamest dance we could think of.  And dancing a lame dance is cool if you have someone to dance it with.

The craze didn’t stop there even though we got tired and was itchy all over ourselves because of the mosquito bites and other entities on that field. While on our way home we stopped by this internet shop and started dancing lame dances again in front of the CCTV cameras with the Daft Punk music that is now playing on our heads. Nobody noticed because everyone in that shop was busy playing computer games. And the only one who can see us was the lady on the counter who couldn’t stop laughing.

that was a nice day. because i know that i won’t be having a good weekend because i needed to write 8-page essay for my finals with the topic that I can’t even force myself to love.

btw, you should definitely see my friend’s video.


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