This Sissyness Makes Me Cray-Cray

You probably remember this old entry I posted last year. Well, I never knew there’s going to be a part 2.

It started off as I stepped down from the pedicab and walked into the jeepney stop (is that the word? ’cause there’s like a bus stop where you wait for the bus so I was thinking it’s jeepney stop because that’s where I wait for the jeepney.) Anyway, so there I was, constantly glancing at my watch because I don’t wanna be late anymore for my first subject when I saw him again. That person I was talking about in the entry I was talking about at the beginning of this entry. Then I smiled to myself because I thought “Man, this encounter is going to be as interesting as it is every time we run into each other. This is so going to my blog”. Now, before you go into any other thoughts let me just make it clear that I do not have any feelings for this guy. He’s just someone I know who happens to have a pair of fabulous brown eyes (and no, I’m not overreacting,  he really did have brown eyes), a marvelous stance, a sexy butt, a great skin, a nice dimple that appears in no particular muscle movement. Like seriously, in my years of silently devouring his existence, I never knew how in the world would a dimple appear without him changing expressions. That is probably a secret talent of his that only I would know or even care to know. Yes I would admit he’s attractive and he helps me a lot in my entries because of that. I get to exaggerate a bit when it comes to these kind of topics so it makes everything kind of confusing for everyone about my real feelings for him.  And those real feelings are just attraction and nothing more.

Okay, back to my story. We were standing side by side, having small talks when a jeepney arrived. You have to know that I never really liked waiting for jeepneys and that I would be willing to force myself into riding one when I see one no matter how improbable it is for the transportation to carry another passenger just so I could get my ride and be in my class on time. But today, I made an exception. Like I said, this encounter is going to be entertaining that’s why I didn’t want to miss it. And so we waited a few minutes more for another jeepney, along with some people who were random enough to remain unnoticed. And when one came, I climbed up and sat on the middle part in case he would be interested to sit beside me. He wasn’t. In fact, he sat on the edge–the farthest seat possible. Then to add my luck, three people decided to sit between us. Make that four.Five. Okay eight. Seriously, what is it with these people that all of a sudden, they wanted us to be as apart as the sitting arrangement could get? We ended up sitting on both ends of the jeepney. And those supposed to be random and unnoticed people who were sitting between us, suddenly became a list of people in my head who I would want to incinerate.

As an irrelevant Lana del Rey song came up, I didn’t bother to change it. I was busy thinking again about how everything could be. Along with those multiple incredible futures that never got lived. I wasn’t bitter nor was I hurt. I just found it funny how this charming young person could really make someones day.


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