Isn’t it Punks

Like seriously it’s my favorite original Filipino chick flick film. The first time I saw this, it kept me up at night thinking about it.  That was four years ago at my grandmother’s place. And then, I stole her DVD of it and never got tired of watching it over and over again. I was even able to speak along with the characters because I have memorized the whole script. Each dialogue was seared into my heart. I can determine every movement of eyebrows, every flare of nostrils, even the precise patterns of their breathing.Then the DVD went on having glitches and was eventually broken. I never saw that movie again.


Until I decided to watch it again. And the moment it started playing, I was back in my 14 year old self. I was almost perfectly mouthing every word on the script. I still knew those moments of where I should be laughing. And those sad scenes? I would definitely still cry over them if it wasn’t for my siblings who were watching the movie with me.


Of course there were some flaws. Like why in the world would the atmosphere of the film be so dark and a little too ominous. I mean, it’s a comedy. The vibe should be bright and happy. I get that there were unnecessary scenes. And that some of the jokes were lame. And there were a lot of movie mistakes. But there was something in it that lightened me up inside and got me attached to it. To this very day,I still didn’t know what it is. The only things I were sure of are: 1. It gives good vibes. 2. The plot spins my head in a good way. 3. the actors were funny.


i just love it, ok? I don’t care if I thought twice on thinking the movie was really that good. I just fucking love it. It dwells in a special place inside my heart. A place so tiny, you wouldn’t even notice it’s there because it’s alongside those big compartments containing big-time films that is generally loved by anyone. There are those things you just love for no particular reasons. Well, sometimes, just the thought of those things bringing you joy is enough for you to love it–that is what this movie has made me felt. Did that make sense?


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