I suppose, in a way, it was LEGENDARY

Well here I am lying on my bed and obviously in no plans of sleeping, no sir, not yet. I just watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother and is still trying to absorb everything. Ok, first of, I didn’t really hate it despite the many bad reviews I got from my friends. And no, it’s not because someone spoiled it to me that I have no interest on who ends up with who anymore. In fact, when my supposed-to-be-friend-who’s-supposed-to-understand-my-devotion-to-the-show-and-who’s-supposed-to-shut-herself-up-when-she-knew-that-I-hadn’t-watch-it-yet betrayed me with her cunning little remarks, deep down, I had a hope that she would have the decency to tell it to me as a joke. A way of luring me into devastation and then once I finally watch it, I would be satisfied because it wasn’t how I expected it to be. So I kinda shrugged her off and went on watching it to know what really happened. That’s why that spoiler didn’t really ruin me (worst spoiler ever was when I accidentally found out about which family do the Cahills belong by reading about The 39 Clues on Wikipedia. They belong to the Madrigals. HA!).

Now, what do I think about the finale?


so what do I really think about the finale?

It could have gotten better.

Yeah, Robin and Barney’s divorce was horrible. That stupid 10-minute revelation of how their marriage went was really hard to take since the whole last two seasons were all about them. A lot of awesome things happened to them–the stupid motherfucking playbook, barney’s proposal, the rehearsal dinner, how they went back together and all those moments when you thought how perfect these two were for each other.They were an amazing couple and I was actually rooting for them. I just didn’t get why they had to ruin the awesome development of their relationship and to think, the reason of their divorce was unbelievable. They to get separated just because Robin was always traveling around and that they didn’t had time for each other. Really Barney?Really? Because that’s not the guy who finds incredibly ridiculous yet impressing ways of making things work. And I hate the way Barney turned back to becoming that womanizing bloke. Throughout the show, we’ve witnessed how his character matured and we fell in love with it. And it was such a down-fall.

And the thing about the baby, well, it touching and yeah, I did cry my eyes out on that. Credits to Mr.Neil Patrick-Harris for working it. We see Barney falling in love and giving his all not to a woman, but to this tiny toothless creature who was born out of another meaningless sex. It was all touching and wonderful but it didn’t really fit the story. It’s like the writers wanted that scene to be there and they forced it’s way into it.

I was expecting more of the gang being together because, well, it’s a finale. Everyone should be there. But then, Robin started moving around and it’s just the four of them. It just really sucked. And I didn’t get to see any more of Marshall and Lilly. I mean, yeah, they were there the whole time, but they’ve been through rough times and I think they deserve better scenes of saying goodbyes and making closure with the audience.

Tracy’s death was also awful because I loved her and she’s a really really sweet and smart and beautiful character and I wasn’t able to get to know her enough. And no matter how much I would rewatch the series, it wouldn’t change anything because it has ended and there’s no way of knowing things about her anymore. It just, stops there. Honestly, it was okay for me to for the writers to kill her off because tragic stories–they’re the best. I just wished they didn’t name her because I wanted her character, that we get to know little by little as the story progresses, remain enigmatic. I think naming The Mother has lost the right of the audience to own her.


Now, the thing that I hated the most is Ted ending up with Robin. I thought we were over this. I completely do not understand why they had to bring back these feelings when clearly there has been a lot of hints in a lot of episodes that he should have moved on. One big example is Robin marrying Barney. She obviously hated commitments but we see her taking the risk, not on Ted, but to another person who’s also afraid of commitments. And then Ted got this happy life with The Mother and had this long-ass session of telling the story of how he met her to his kids. He must have he really loved her. But no, she dies and this guy, who I thought was sentimental and romantic enough to just spend the rest of his life moping over his dead wife probably telling those wonderful stories of his life over and over again to his kids, storms off chasing the woman who he should have gotten over with six seasons ago! Seriously though. I know the whole point of the show is not mainly about The Mother but the adventures Ted and his friends had on his adult years, it’s just that I was lead to believe in the idea of Ted’s great love to The Mother and not on Robin. So with all that happening, I’m left with the wonder of what is really The Mother’s role on Ted’s life. With all those adorable coincidences that made us believe on destiny and he ends up with Robin. Terrible things. Terrible things.

Everything was devastating and totally unfair. But life is unfair. Maybe that’s just what this show was trying to teach us. The reality of life. That life can’t always be about having someone and then marrying them and having kids with them. And that friends would leave in time and might not be around like they used to. Or the decisions or choices we prefer now might not be the same some years from now because sometimes…it’s just the way things are. Just because we’ve experienced the worst days of our lives, it doesn’t always mean we’ve got a free pass on the upcoming a-lot-worse days. I mean, life would always be piled with the best and the worst things. I’ve got 9 seasons listening to the story of five full grown adults face life I can’t hate it just because of its crappy finale.


i still prefer the yellow umbrella than the blue french horn though.



4 thoughts on “I suppose, in a way, it was LEGENDARY

  1. sillysili

    Seryoso, make a script, write a new story — you’re actually good at it. Keep writing.

    Also, the way you analyzed the finale and pointed out the flaws in the narrative strengthens your potential to become an editor/script doctor. Go go go.


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