Listening to somebody tell their love story is the most adorable thing to experience. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t picture those exact events they were giggling about. Because just by looking at the person while they talk, you could almost feel the love that was present, almost as if you were actually there the whole time.

It was funny observing those tiny yet endearing little things. I can see the way my friend looks over at the distance and the way her eyes would glisten as she recall every detail that was to be told from her memory.  Those amusing little wrinkles just below her eyes as she smiles and think about the wonderful times that happened to them. And don’t get me started with the way she would lean closer to me as if she was telling me some knowledge that was never to be spoken and it was vital for me to understand every detail.

She was talking as if I wasn’t there. But I didn’t mind. In fact, it felt…human. and I wanted to hug her so badly at that moment because she deserves it for making all of it real. But I didn’t of course. Because it would be really weird and it might be impolite and we were doing something and it’s not really my thing so yeah.

I’ve been told many stories this way. And it’s really fascinating to see how eager people would tell you all those stuff, that, to think of it, didn’t really matter to anyone but themselves.

and btw, i found this unfinished blog entry that i think would suit this one. it’s kinda hanging, but whatever.

It’s a funny thing watching people fall in love. It’s like being in love yourself but in a way that you don’t move around and do stupid shit for someone.  And no, it is not like watching flicks. When you witness an actual person right from the moment he isolates this certain girl from the crowd until the moment he tries to pull out all of his hair because he just can’t stop thinking about her, it kinda feels different. It feels so real..because..well, it is real. I mean it’s the story of someone you most likely knew in person and how he copes with this whole love madness.You’re not entirely involved, but you seem affected by it.

k bye


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