Ipagpalagay na nating

Last night, despite the numerous demands of our academic lives, we still managed to go out and talk about…real things. Things about love, to be specific. I’m telling you, it was really one of the weirdest scenarios to behold. We’re talking about, us, a group of sadistic little spawns of satan who does nothing all day but come up with awful ideas of messing peoples lives. These loathsome creatures who find humor in the smallest things (which is a bit scary because sometimes it doesn’t make sense anymore yet we would laugh our asses of not because it’s funny, but because it feels funny)…And the next thing we knew, we were relating ourselves on these stupid love situations that we came up ourselves (i don’t even understand how we even got there). Everyone was having their own opinions and we all got excited and we were screaming at each other, teasing and not giving a fuck that we were on a fast food restaurant and that there are some other people who were looking funny at us.

it was awkward too at the same time because I’m not used to talking these things with them. We we’re talking shits…for real.I’ve talked about these things with some preferred people but never with them as a group. It’s like I’ve seen a completely different crowd in front of me but I’m lucky enough to explore this side and i’m planning to visit it from time to time. I just realized we were all going through some things and we just didn’t feel like really talking about it that’s why we often choose to forget it temporarily by joking around.

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