have a biscuit, potter

what the actual fuck?

it’s 11:50 pm and i’m minding my own business (tumblr blogging, chatting people on facebook, downloading albums). i’m still having second thoughts whether or not I should blog about the latest movies that i’ve watched when this thing showed up on my dash.


how long has it been over? two years and a couple of months?

and this five minute clip made me sit up and realize that i never had an entry about it. so,i’m taking this sudden burst of feels as an opportunity to express how much i missed this life-changing story of a boy wizard who fought evil and won. i remember sitting next to the person who introduced me to this and becoming one of the closest friends i have. i remember staying up late at night reading, not allowing myself to drift off to sleep, which is easy because well…i can’t. Letting the story this wonderful hanging is torture. i remember making inside jokes with people like me. i remember making up stories. then i remember the anticipation. i remember carefully planning the day we were going to watch the final film. i remember myself crying and not giving a fuck whether or not i’m crying in front of a friend. i remember reblogging posts related to it on tumblr. i remember tormenting myself more by watching tributes online.

and now, it’s amazing how the feeling never changed. i mean, it never went away and stayed just like where i want it to be.


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