Weell, what do we have here. Look at meee i’m writing stuff again. Obviously, I haven’t been putting things here. Come to think of it, i haven’t been really that productive lately. I’m not doing any artsy things. I’m not really that enthusiastic on the films that I’ve been watching. I haven’t been updating myself on Supernatural. I’ve only bought one book this month.

Although a lot of events happened this past month.

ADAAF happened. and it was fun. seeing artsy people group together and exhibit their works. and then unleashing myself on the after party which was really uncool and slightly embarrassing. But hey, I’ve been embarrassed loads of times so whatever.


and then i get to attend to really great debut that was only ruined by the emcee whose name was Marian. yes, her dullness made us remember her. but we had a great time and i looked really sharp.


and even though i haven’t got any pictures i had a really amazing day of cooking  at my friend’s house. and it was delicious–which was really unexpected because we were not much of an expert when it comes to mixing up random spices and then magically turning them into something edible.

anyway,  a lot of other forgotten events happened that i am too lazy to think about. i don’t even know why it seemed that i’m getting lazier and less passionate on things everyday. i hope it stops. because i don’t think now’s a really good time to be lazy. i need to finish things.



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