random things.

Imagea friend accompanied me on buying these earphones on a stupid-ass store with a stupid-ass system of the customers waiting for their number to be called before they are given service. and that took up too much time. we went home late. plus, their product sucks and didn’t last a month! but i kept it in honor of my friends sacrifice.Imagean unfamiliar biscuit a friend gave to me that i never had the chance to eat and probably never will because i feel like preserving it. Imageyes, i did the helium thing.from a friend’s party, btw.Imagea harmonica i never learned to play. they’re full of inhales and exhales and i feel like passing out. and you have to keep your lips pursed at all times. so you see how i never learned?Imagethe cube of rubik that i’m never really that quick on solving. unlike my sister…Imagejuggling balls. which are actually stress balls.Imageone time my friend was making an attempt to do a 2-ball cascade (juggling with 2 balls) and one ball went missing and she bought this. then another time i accidentally threw this ball behind the closet and i couldn’t reach it so i bought another ball but this time it’s white. but later on i got this ball from the closet so now i have 3 juggling balls plus this extra.Imagetoo lazy to sit-up on my desk when reading at night. so i lie down and have this.and then most of the time, i would fall asleep.Imageone time i hung out with a friend and her boyfriend (who’s really hot btw. i would have my eye on him if he wasn’t my friend’s boyfriend) and then he won this thing by shooting hoops on an arcade game.Imagethe one and only medal i got in high school.


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