nothing else to put. so here’s something i did a month ago.

the remarkable thing about meeting someone special/ is that once they caught your attention, theres no way of getting out of it. Its like some sort of invisible force pushes you towards that person and suddenly, you just want to build your whole world around them.

there really was something about that coffee shop. i don’t know if it’s because i was in a new place. i think maybe, it was how the way the walls illuminate their sort of whimsical atmosphere.or how the array of pastel colored objects are put in order, or just simply how the smell of coffee is gently diffused across the small room. there was something that’s pulling these two certain people together in a specific spot at a precise moment and just become…acquainted to each other

i couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t help catching glances at her. she was just right there. which is not quite far considering i can feel her slightest movement everytime she would check her phone. and our gadgets being the barricade to the probability of engaging a conversation. she was just… really beautiful. you know that sort of beauty that lights up
the whole room even though the room was already know there are days when life doesn’t give you the things you desire most and then there are these days like that day. when the universe was generous enough to allow a fascinating girl like her and an awkward dweeb like me to share a table for two.

she left immediately, but i was left with hope.

i hope of seeing her again.i hope of sharing half of that table again. hoping is a ridiculous thing to do. especially when the chances are unpredictable. its not really worth hoping for and there’s really no way of knowing if it would really work.

what comes along with hoping is waiting. which is another ridiculous thing. and whats even more ridiculous? is knowing that its ridiculous and you’re still doing it. It is the root of all these ridiculousness, expectations, and most of all the root of heartaches. we love concocting possible scenarios and stitching up chain of events on our lives everytime we see a possiblity.

and that’s when she came back. she probably didn’t remember who i was. i mean, we never really introduced each other formally.that moment, i grabbed every courage i had to approach her.

and there she was again.she was really nice and funny and friendly. and she has this combination of wild and bubbly. i’m not really used to being alone with a girl. especially with pretty girls. i don’t really acquire that charisma, quick-wit and charm character.

it wasn’t long before we realized our brainwaves interconnected and we became really good friends. we had great times. and she always comes up with unimaginable ideas that usually becomes the highlight of our day.we don’t even need to really get to know each other. we didn’t need to have each other’s contact numbers. we were okay of what we have. expecting each other on that same spot and just hang out anywhere we feel like it.

our relationship is something that is not really deep in a way we needed to know each others secrets or we memorize each others family line. it was special in a way we just like each others company.

my feelings for her had not change one bit. instead, it grew. I try to hide it because i don’t want to ruin the awesome friendship we have. besides, she was way out of my league.sometimes, it’s really hard to hide it. there are days when i try to like, really show affection but i don’t think she ever notices…at all.

but i don’t really expect her to like me back. nor expect our relationship to grow deeper. for now, seeing more of her is fine by me. just admiring her beautiful smile, her witty opinions in life,and the way she messes with me. when you get to know a person, little by little you get to know their story and suddenly the way they look becomes what they are


but there are things in life that no matter how much you hold on to something will come along and spoil everything. summer was almost over and i needed to go back home. i was thinking of getting her number but i don’t know… i think i just chickened out. and also i don’t want to ruin the bizzare friendship we had.

so i said goodbye in the most casual way i can. and just, walked out of the door.


i looked at him as he thanked me for the wonderful summer he had. i wanted to talk things out with him. i wanted to tell him that i really liked him.and that i wanted us to stay connected. give each other’s numbers atleast. but i don’t tell things.i did my best not to act too disappointed on the whole going-away situation. besides, i didn’t think he’d feel
the same way.


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