let marinelle sing baby now that i found you.

let’s go 2 months back.

At a friend’s party, this girl came up to me, introduced herself and told me that she was beautiful. To start a conversation like this is weird especially when talking to a complete stranger. But I thought differently. The first thought that popped in my head when we met was, “Oh shit, is this the girl from my P.E. 1 class that I hated so much because she was such a teacher’s pet? Ohmygod, why is she even here?” But then, I looked at her closely and realized she’s a person I haven’t met before. And her name was different. And I was relieved. So the next thought I had was, “Hmmm…this person has got style on socializing. I like her.”

When talking to her, you really can’t tell if she’s a person you just met or an old friend you have forgotten and met for the first time in a long while. We got along really well and ended up making everybody believe that we’ve been close friends since childhood. but the truth is, we didn’t know each other.at all.

and where i am now?

i just got home from her place. Where we pigged out and watched movies.

like seriously? 2 months ago, i didn’t know she existed. and now. AND NOW.

of all the people i had the balls to try to be “bestfriends” with (because i do that all the time and that’s how i socialize), it never really came to this point where we get to exchange stories about our pasts. about the people we admire. about the random things in life. talking about these things to a new found person, in my case, require 2 things: months or in rare cases, years of hanging out and mutual friends to pull these two strangers together and be like…friends.

but NO. these bitches only needed 68 fucking days. and we need not the guidance of mutual friends. hell, we plan things out wherever the fuck we want, whenever we fucking feel like it. and that is something. it’s not like, everyday, you get to meet people like them. and well…i like it. i like whatever’s happening. like it’s something you wanted to keep for a really long time and just wait on how it’s going to turn out.so yeah.and i hope it’ll turn out great. i hope it’s not something that is good at first but turns out to be really wrong.i pray it doesn’t happen that way.i pray.

btw. one missed call is something i wanna slap in the face if it ever had one.



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