should i?

Consider again that tiny green dot on the face of the person you admire most on your facebook profile. You feel something? Of course you did. That remarkable leap on your heartbeat that made your chest escalate a little. That spark. And then you smile as if it’s connected to the rapid beating of the your heart. And just everything’s a blur and the only thing visible to you is the display picture of that person with that tiny green dot indicating that he/she is just a couple of presses on the keyboard away. If you ever had the balls to talk to this person. But you don’t.

And no, it’s not because you’re a girl.

You don’t because, it’s frightening. You could have done it. Anyone could. But the problem is how you would make everything casual. How would you not make things awkward. How would you try not to be uninteresting. How would you prolong the conversation? How would you try not to be weird and creepy? How would you impress that person?

there’s so many things in your mind right now. so many possibilities. but then you get overpowered by fear. and you just stare at that tiny green dot as it disappears on the face of that person you admire most. and that’s it. he/she logs off without ever having the idea that you really fancy them.


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