Thoughts On Weekend


The film was quite overwhelming because hot people were in it. Scarlett Johansson. Natalie Portman. Eric Bana. Benedict Cumberbatch. Eddie Redmayne. Jim Sturgess. Kristin Scott Thomas. I’ve been familiar with the story, that’s why I haven’t got a hard time watching it. Sometimes, I like knowing the general plot of the story because there are times when i have an attention span of a teaspoon and i easily get diverted into checking the internet and then the next thing i know, I was just listening to the movie. Not really watching it.


Anyway, I’ve read this book called Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer but it was from the viewpoint of Mary Tudor (daughter of the horny-ass King Henry VIII). Basically it was about her life becoming more miserable each day as her father was being pulled onto the hands of a slutty chick that results to one fucked-up family. From then on, I’ve always known Anne Boleyn was a bitch. But the film was from her viewpoint and I get to see her side and how the whole story really went. I also get to appreciate her sister, Mary. I never knew she had a sister. She probably wasn’t mentioned on Mary, Bloody Mary to avoid confusion with Mary Tudor since it was a children-ish book. But ohmygod Mary was so adorable because after all the betrayal she felt from her father, her sister and the king she remained to be the sweet and nice and compassionate and loving sister. ScarJo portrayed Mary really well. I wasn’t expecting that because I was used to Scarlett being badass Natasha Romanova. But then her face  just becomes her character and it was awesome. It’s a great movie.



Beautiful. Just beautiful. The concept is great. But I just did my review to a friend.and I don’t want to repeat everything i said. Just fucking watch it. It’s awesome because Gwyneth Paltrow. Also, I love the way Jack Black was the one who played the main role. Not some hunk/pretty boy prince charming. It’s like he’s representing men in reality. Not everyone’s hot in the real world. But everyone knows the standards the society has put on when it came to beauty.




Okay, A while ago while I was –you know what, I think this entry is gonna be long, i mean it was supposed to be a movie review for The Other Boleyn Girl only so i kinda expanded it. I’ll probably stop here and continue on the next entry. so yeah.


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