Baby Talks

Now, where were we. Right. Awhile ago, I was surfing channels on TV and I came across this show called My Crazy Obsession. The title says about what It was all about but there was this one case that really disturbed me.

There’s this guy named Stanley and he was obsessed on everything to do with babies. And no, he does not collect babies. He pretends to be one. He’s got this massive crib where he sleeps on. He’s got a pacifier and drinks from a baby bottle. He wears baby pajamas even the ones with buttons on the nether regions (?). He eats baby food. He’s got baby toys. Not the robot/action figure toys. But the ones with bright lights and music going on when you push a button. He’s got a baby chandelier (?) I don’t even know what you call it. He sits on this massive high chair. He puts on diapers. And get this. He hires a mother to take care of him. I mean that is just creepy. I had doubts on him insisting that there was no sexual intentions whatsoever. I mean omygod I can’t stop laughing when she was feeding him because no matter how hard I tried, the way she fucking says it is just—omygod.


I know I sounded rude for making comments about this persons only way of experiencing comfort from all the shitty things that probably happened in his life. And I understand if he was having a sort of fixation and shit. I also understand what it feels to be obsessed over something. But this is just…beyond of whatever it is that separates the sanity of a human being and losing it all. I feel pity for him though. I think there was this point in his life that he really gave up and just turned into something that is sort of passive on the shit happening around so he lies down and pretends to be a baby probably expecting someone to fix his problems in life. Or he lacked attention from his mom when he was a baby so he was experiencing some sort regression (?) Dafuq I’m talking about?

Anyway It’s been a while since I watched TV. Feels good going back to old habits from time to time.


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