Blog Assignment #5: ¿Que pasa contigo?

Movie 43 is the weirdest film I’ve watched ever since The Cicerones. Well at least The Cicerones has a plot and it was going somewhere. Even though it ended right in the middle of the climax. And it was a horror movie. It was expected to be weird to creep the audience out. Which is effective by the way because it really did creep me out.

Anyway, Movie 43. Movie 43. Movie 43. MOVIE 43. (lol i just wanna fill ma blog. I feel this is going to be short so I did this)

Ok Movie 43. (i did it again.ok.i should stop)

This movie does not make any sense. I tried to make interpretations of it thinking that the film was a metaphor and that it was teaching me a lesson of some sort. But how can you even understand and make an idea out of testicles dangling on Hugh Jackman’s neck.

That is just disturbing, ok? Everything was disturbing. Anna Faris asking her boyfriend to poop on her.Yes, poop on her. Vending and Photocopying machines with depressed kids inside them. IBabe, basically an MP3 player in a replica of a naked woman. Russel Crow Leprechaun. Pets with hidden desire towards their owners. Chloe Moretz on her first period (well at least it was funny). Extreme Truth or Dare with Halle Berry. Emma Stone as Veronica. Racist coach.

I just…I just can’t. I think maybe the actors (and not just any set of actors. They’re big actors. Like Hollywood famous actors) playing for this movie has nothing to do with their time at that moment and they decided to be a part of the film for fun. I can imagine them laughing their asses of as everyone makes a big deal about the movie. As expected it was given low ratings.

tumblr_mrunjzSP8G1rvjfbxo1_500I’m sorry. But I really have to insert this picture in case you weren’t convinced when I said it was really weird.


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