The Bad Things Don’t Always Spoil the Good Things And Make Them Unimportant

It sucked. The whole movie. It definitely did not have a cinematic worth. To be honest, it was only worth a 24 hour download. I mean, come on. It was just another typical bad local flick. The actors were overreacting in the simplest discomfort. It kinda gave me a relief because they were not doing the slapstick anymore. But still, the acting was not really that good. The distribution of scenes are awful because there were unimportant scenes that were overexposed and then there were good scenes that were not given enough attention at all. There were a lot of loopholes. There were characters that would make you wonder, “What the fuck are they even doing here?” meaning, they weren’t really that necessary or they were only given minimal importance when they really should be having a scene. The male leads are horrible. One of them didn’t fit his character. I also find it really irritating when they let the audience focus more on who the bride is rather than what the story is about before releasing the film. I hate the way they spoon-fed the audience about the whole moral of the story. It was all really confusing because the genre was so diverse that it was really hard for the audience to focus. And the biscuit advertisement is really annoying. NO, it was not touching at all. It was pathetic. This biscuit having this cameo role like she owns the place.

But what really sucked is that I cried to it. The confrontation scene. The scene where the audience was supposed to drown in their pool of tears and be basked in eternal sorrow. And I did. For a moment there, I forgot how the movie sucked. I forgot that I was with my friends and that I have a reputation of not-being-a-cry-baby to protect. But there was something more to it. That scene, I mean. The topic was kinda sensitive in my personal view. I won’t discuss what was in it because it deserves a separate entry to my blog. That scene gave me a realization that that movie is a part of my life they’re talking about. It’s like watching yourself in a parallel universe and it was a bit creepy. Like the writers in that movie were your own personal prophets.

Anyway I think that the whole experience with this movie (not the actual movie, do not be mistaken) teaches me a sort of lesson in life. Well, it’s not really a lesson because I think I’ve known it all along.That there are things in life or people in life that no matter how they turned out to be everything you hate…You still might want to stick on them.


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