Blog Assignment #3 – Let’s Find Rory

There are this list of stereotypical standards that define how physically attractive a person can be and I have to say I would agree to some of them. But there are some people who are just devastated with these standards because these people make a greater deal with what’s on the inside. You know, chivalry, decency, kindness, compassion…things like those.

But I really want to be honest here. So I want to say some things about incredibly attractive people. I usually see them on films and music videos and magazines. They’re like those people that every gender either love or envy. They have this asset that everybody looks out for with the way they would stand out in the crowd. And I’d say they’re really more preferable than any other person in the room.

And then…AND THEN. There are these people. People who hide on the silhouette of these “beautiful” people and just be part of the admirers. People who could be anyone–family, friends, any of those people you see everyday. I’m saying those people who looked ordinary in the first moments with them and gradually, as your relationship starts to get deeper, you’ll experience a whole different kind of beauty. And you see their look, it’s just..better.

The beauty that probably grew as you know more of him/her everyday or the beauty that has always been there from the very beginning. It was just too stupid of you to not notice. That’s the wonderful thing about this type of beauty. It’s like falling asleep. Slowly at first, then all at once (lol John Green reference).

I want you to look for these types of beauty. Because damn it, they’re rare and you really got to get deeper with the person to see it. It’s not something you can see from the corner of your eye or you glance at and identify it in an instance. It takes time.

And once you found it. That would probably be one of the best feelings in the world.


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