Just Inches Away From The Taste of Cherry Chapsticks

Sometimes I wonder why friends need to peck each other on the cheek whenever they greet themselves. I understand that the whole relationship is intimate enough and I bet they’ve been through a lot. But what I find hard to believe is that some people are ok with someone leaning inches away from their faces and just…touch each other’s cheek. My friends do that a lot…and it’s really awkward.for me. What’s worse is when they kiss you right on the side of your face and leaving behind a somewhat moisty feeling which is really gross.

I’m not really a touchy person. I don’t do holding hands with friends. Sometimes I DO hold other peoples arm whenever we cross the streets but that’s it. I would let go right away and move on with my life. I hate it when people cling their arms on mine. It makes me really uncomfortable because I couldn’t move around. I don’t really hug people that much. But I’m okay with hugging. As long as you smell fine, I wouldn’t mind hugging you for as long as you want. But if there isn’t any reason to hug a friend, I don’t.

The most intimate physical gestures I usually do to a person close enough to be my friend are giving high fives, slapping cheeks/backs/butts, or most of the time just simply placing my hand on the shoulder. That is one of proclaiming that you are a part of my circle of friends.
Damn, I should sketch a graph about that.
But I’m too lazy to get up and grab pencil and paper, soo never mind -___-


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