#TeamShannen exists.

One thing I believe everyone hates is being  that really unfortunate person and be part of some dysfunctional group where they are assigned to do a certain task and if they don’t do it with quality, It will affect everything they care about.

I am so stressed right now because I’m doing a 5-man job and none of my companions seem to care. They just sit there, and wait for me to work things out for our group. They depend on each other so much that no one even bothered on asking our progress. It was all just so disrespectful and irresponsible and annoying. And our task, which is photography is not really on my forte.

But good thing that I have this cousin of mine who knows a lot about this stuff and she was willing to help with it. I’m the luckiest relative right now. And my models are really cool. And my friends are still around. Because if I didn’t, I’d probably sit by a corner and sob at myself.

Anyway I just hope this don’t happen again.


2 thoughts on “#TeamShannen exists.

  1. sillysili

    Go passive-aggressive and spite everyone else? Hehehe. Go Petyr Baelish on your groupmates. That’ll teach them not to mess with you.

    Just an evil suggestion.


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