Blog Assigment #1: TV Show Mojos

I rubbed my eyes and realize I’ve been watching the third season of Supernatural for the whole six hours. I’m almost at the last episode and the sockets of my eyes are starting to hurt. I could just stop, I would…and yes, I should..but I don’t think I can. There’s only two episodes left and I’m just starting to uncover the answer to the mysteries I’ve been coming up theories with for the last two weeks. I can’t stop now!

Practically speaking, watching Supernatural or any other series (Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, etc.) does not have any much use in my life. It does not even reach the first step in the hierarchy of needs. It’s basically pointless. But the usefulness of something don’t always guarantee that you will love it nor the pointlessness of it requires you to hate it and make it more pointless. My point is, when it comes to loving something, you don’t go after its utility. You love something because…well, you love it.

And what could be the reason how the sofa has a Kryptonian gravitational pull of its own that my whole body refuses to even sit up? I’ve got a lot of reasons, but I’ll just give the two most relevant.First, there’s the actors. These actors have portrayed the part really well that I don’t think any one is capable of replacing them. Except of course for the Doctor in Doctor Who because he regenerates every three seasons and requires different actors to retain its continuity. Also, I find the actors really attractive. And by actors, i mean including the women. Especially the women of Supernatural. My femininity is being tested everytime I watch an episode. And everytime I do, there would always be a fine line between envy and desire. Let me give you some example:

  • Jensen Ackles’ stockiness
  • Jared Padalecki’s height
  • David Tennant’s sexy sideburns
  • Karen Gillan’s Scottish legs
  • Sophie Turner’s charm
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s fish face

I could go on forever but I won’t be able to talk about the second reason why I love watching these shows which is–The Stories. The stories are the best because it leads you to sympathize with the character in the midst of his dilemma no matter how fictional it is. Tragic stories–they’re the best (and the worst). They’re the stories that crushes your soul real hard that you’ll be left with nothing but misery and resentment. But that makes the show special. That painful mark it leaves to every heart that is reminding us that it’s a good show.

So I guess that is probably it. The shows that take my mind out of control. The shows that don’t do much with my life but it is a part of it and it keeps me out of the zombiefied moments.

so yeah. -_-


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