Just Know that Everyone Feels Broken Sometimes

I find it amazing how people use music as a tool to expand their feeling of sadness whenever they’re broken. I love how they whip themselves with every lyric that they find relative to their situation. I think that’s why they’re punishing themselves with these depressing songs even though they’re already the victim. Because these songs tell the story of their lives. Because there’s no other way of letting everyone know what they’re feeling. Because they just want to lay down and reevaluate the life choices they made to completely understand why they had fucked up. Because they got all tied up in the fabric of reality that music is the only fantasy they could have. Because you just want to cry and cry and one way to continue crying is to listen to sad songs.

And everything feels somewhat better. Even though the whole situation doesn’t change one bit. Which teaches me to appreciate a song a person recommends to me because there’s no way of knowing if that song is just his/her favorite song or that song has been keeping him/her company in the most depressing moments of his/her life when no one was there to be with him/her.

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