Farewell, My Eleventh

BBC announced that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.

My Christmas is going to be depressing this year.
I will miss the fish fingers and custard.
I will miss the “Geronimos”
I will miss the fabulous hair.
I will miss the spins and fancy walks.
I will miss the taunts.
I will miss the Fez and The Bowties.

Ugh, now I’m emotional.

first the Ponds.now you.
I’m scared to face The 12th. What if I won’t like him? What if he’ll be so opposite? What if he’s just the same as you? What if he’s not a good as I imagine him to be?

I love you.And Thank you for making me feel important. Thank you for the adventures. Thank you for helping me move on with Ten. And even though it will still the same Doctor, no matter the number, I would still feel different.
It’s Matt Smith we’re talking about.

Twelve, you better not disappoint me.

Ugh, I don’t feel like this is a proper farewell to a friend. But I just have a lot of feels and constructing sentences is not really in my mood right now.

Trenzalore, you suck. And Matt, you know how much we hate endings.

Raggedy man, Thank you, for everything.

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