Sorrows and Spoilers.

Doctor Who is a part of my life now. It changed my whole perception on things. And one of the reasons why I loved the show so much is that it has the most tragic stories and It leaves a mark on my heart every time. But sometimes feeling a pain towards a sci-fi television show is beautiful. Your attachment to it becomes somehow stronger. And you’ll look forward for more tragic stories.

So I decided to come up with the top 3 Doctor Who episodes that crushed me and made me stay on a corner and sob at myself. They won’t be in order because I really can’t decide which episode has the most emotional scenes.

1. Doomsday

This was the first Doctor Who episode that made me cry. Since it’s the last episode of Season 2,I already know how much Rose and the Doctor went through and just seeing them separate in the most tragic way, I coudn’t force myself not to cry. From the moment when Rose was slipping from the lever she was holding onto I became aware that there’s going to be a possibility that she’ll be plunging into the Void together with the Cybermen and the Daleks. Luckily, her dad appeared just in time to grab her and they both transport to the parallel universe.  Rose was saved but there’s a catch, since she’s now in the parallel universe, she’s never going to see the Doctor again because Timelords can’t venture through parallel universes ever since it was sealed during The Last Great Time War and…I am not making any sense, right?

Well let’s just say that Rose and The Doctor were separated into two worlds. Literally. And that there’s no chance in seeing each other because these two worlds they’re living in are sealed.

Billie Piper bangin’ the wall like any great actress.Gawd this seen really showed loss of almost everything.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Lemme explain the picture. These two are in the same time,same place but in different universes. And look how the Doctor doesn’t cry but still has a lot of emotions on his face.
But wait there’s more. The Doctor knows they’ll never see each other again so he decided to–let me just explain this in the simplest way I can–give Rose a proper farewell by making a projection of himself on Rose’s universe. Think of it as a video message only that he looked as if he’s just right there in front of her. Yeah, it was great they had the chance to say goodbye to each other but THE DOCTOR DIDN’T HAVE THE CHANCE TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” TO ROSE BECAUSE HE ONLY HAD TWO MINUTES AND THE TWO MINUTES IS UP. He was going to say it! But it only came out as this– “Rose Tyler…” and then he disappeared. And the connection was lost.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Again Billie Piper being amazing.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
The Doctor there is just an image so she really can’t touch him even though he looked so real.

2. The Girl Who Waited

The heartache starts when Amy was separated from Rory and The Doctor in a different time stream. Which means that time passes faster in Amy’s. So when Rory and The Doctor reunites with Amy, she has grown much older–36 years to be exact. She waited 36 years for them. Now the Doctor said that they could still save the young Amy and they did by pulling her into their own time stream. So now there’s two Amys. The older Amy demanded to join the three of them in the TARDIS and the Doctor promised she would. But later on, just as The older Amy is about to enter the TARDIS, the Doctor shouts that he’s sorry and closes the TARDIS door. The Doctor explains that letting the old Amy join will create a paradox and he can’t do that.

Well of course Rory was devastated. Because she was still Amy and she was still his wife and he had to leave her. And well, that’s what crushed me. The older Amy waited 36 years for Rory and the Doctor, and when they finally came, she wasn’t saved. She got left behind. The whole waiting thing was all for nothing. And nobody, not even the Doctor can do anything about it.

Sorrows and Spoilers.
This is old Amy and Rory separated by the TARDIS door. You can also see here the resemblance with Rose and the
Doctor’s Doomsday.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Amy being left behind, still knocking on the TARDIS door but nobody could let her in.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Can I just say, this is one of the most beautiful Karen Gillan moments.

3. The Angels Take Manhattan

This  is pretty recent and I still have this little sting on my heart whenever I remember this episode. This is the episode where the Ponds (Amy and Rory) have to say goodbye. Everyone expected to be a really emotional episode and It was. So let’s cut the chase and start to the part where the Doctor has saved Amy, Rory and River. They were all alive and together. But, just as everyone is starting to be relieved, Rory  saw a gravestone with his name on it and suddenly disappeared. That’s when they noticed that a weeping angel has followed them. Weeping Angels are the creepiest Doctor Who creature ever. They have the ability to kill people by turning them back in time. And they do this when nobody’s looking. So the trick here is to not blink or turn your back.

Now Amy, well she really loved Rory  that she’s willing to turn her back from the angel just so she can go back in time and be with Rory. The Doctor explains that if she do it, he can never see them again because it will cause a paradox. But still, Amy turns and tells her Raggedy Man goodbye and disappears. The gravestone has now the names of Rory and Amy.

I saw the love and loss here. How much Amy and Rory really loved each other that they’re willing to risk anything. And the Doctor, losing another companion is just too much. I’ve followed Amy and the Doctor’s adventures and watching them say goodbye is just devastating.

Sorrows and Spoilers.
This face shows how much the Doctor loves Amy and Rory and just don’t want to lose them.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Matt Smith, everyone.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
“Raggedy man…Goodbye”
Sorrows and Spoilers.
Ok there’s still this afterword by Amy. And it’s a sort of Amy’s final message to the Doctor. And it contained how much she remembered her past adventures with the him. And just going back to when she was 7 years old and was waiting for the Doctor to come back.
Sorrows and Spoilers.
The final scene.

ok i’m crying now, bye.


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