No Nick, It Was Never Enough.

You know the feeling when you just heard an awful news and it suddenly slowed down everything around you. and your heart just suddenly stop and you suddenly feel dysfunctional. And you chest hurts and you just feel like crying. Because I’m feeling it right now. And it’s more than awful. It’s a fucking torture.

A Rocket To The Moon – One of my favorite bands. The band I’ve been listening to for almost two years now, just broke up. The band that has affected my emotions in a drastic way whenever their notes reach my eardrums. The band that I never stop devoting myself to even though they’re starting to get overexposed.
I do not know what has gotten into their minds. I want to be rational. I want to understand that everything has its own time and that everything won’t always be there. And that sometimes people make decisions that can hurt you because it’s for the greater good.
Well I’d say that’s a load of bullshit and it’s really unfair. No, I’m not mad at Nick or Eric or any other members of the band. In fact, I’m not mad at the band at all. I’m just mad at the whole situation.
I’ve heard bands dissolve before(The Beatles, Eraserheads,)  but it has never happened like this. When I’m still hoping for their next album to come. When I’m still on the idea of one day participating in their concerts live.
Oh gawd, I didn’t even get to see them live.
I’m still really not processing all of this. There’s some voice chanting “Please be on hiatus.Please be on hiatus.Please be on hiatus.”
I hope they’re on hiatus. I’d be willing to wait for them.
I just feel like my love for them wasn’t enough (not meant to be a pun). So much future that will never happen.
I’m just really upset right now and making a blog about it doesn’t really make it any better.

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