Forming A Hypothetical Relationship

It’s sad to know that the population of adorable people belong to the minority. But I think that’s the reason why they’re special–because of their rareness. And it always adds up to their level of adorableness when we see them in the most unexpected moments. When you were just minding your own business and they just–sorta pop out. When you feel like giving up stalking them and they’re right there.

Take what happened to me when I was on vacation and my mother and I were buying groceries. Of course I wasn’t expecting to see another precious human being in a place as feminine as a grocery store at 2:30 pm on Mother’s Day which was a Sunday. And This was not a really attractive moment for attractive people to be on unattractive places like dusty grocery stores. The place was packed with girl employees so it wasn’t easy to not notice the only male specie in the store was this adorable looking person who was so intent on checking grocery lists and giving change. And our eyes met.

It was really brief. But, in my part it was magical. Like some fabric of reality was torn between us and I could imagine all the days that could’ve happened if he ever had the balls to introduce himself to me. Which of course didn’t happen.

Well anyway, our hypothetical relationship ended that quickly. I never saw him again.


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