The worst possible way to embarrass yourself is to watch that 14 year-old self dance like a complete idiot in return of your friends’ entertainment. It’s like my personal Robin Sparkles era. The cheers, the laughs and the applause. All those crazy things you did for the sake of their enjoyment. Doesn’t matter if you put your dignity on the line. As long as there will come a day when they’ll tell a story of you. Oh the history you made. It’d feel amazing when people remembers you so well.

Yes, you ran around the campus bare footed. Yes, you ate 3 packs of hot chili. Yes, you hugged a complete stranger on her birthday. Yes, you pretended to be Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Whitney Houston by lipsynching their famous songs in front of the whole school body. Yes, you wore 10 or more jackets at once. Yes, you cross-dressed. Yes, you abused the camera with your lopsided expressions. Yes, you once chased a car. Yes, you held a ball while running in a game called basketball. Yes, you danced infront of everyone that stupid exercise routine you choreographed (and we both know how you sucked at dancing). Yes, you once entered in the wrong class.

But you did all that because that’s what everyone laughed about. That’s what everyone loved. Someday they’re gonna tell their kids, and their grandkids that there was once a lunatic who did all these stuff.

and about that video.
I’ll make sure you will never find it. It’s gonna stay hidden in the depths of the internet forever.


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