My Complicated Relationship With A Guy Named Math

I sank down as I recall the life I had with him. We were never really in love. The principles that we lived in were far too opposite. But I’m doing my best to work it all out. I just endured his harsh ways on pointing out my flaws. I tried to adapt to the world he lived and always loved. I did my best to be part of it. But I was never good enough for him. I wake up everyday cursing him.

And the question of the hour: Why can’t I let him go? Because it’s the right thing to do. And everyone is expecting me to do the right thing. I wanted to run away but I will have nowhere else to go. He was never there for me. I mean, he was always around but I never felt the care, the love and support. I used to be crazy about him. He was kinda different back then. Back then when everything was simple. When everything was done out of love. When I was too young and didn’t understand what love really is. But as years went by we went separate ways. The smarter he got, the dumber I become. And the farther we grew apart, the closer I got to the truth. That there was never a ‘we’. The he and I were never meant to be. And we were both unhappy. There were those sleepless nights that I cried and wished I never met him. He never loved me. I thought it would be forever. 
And now I looked down at the paper with red markings at the upper right corner proclaiming, I failed him again.

One thought on “My Complicated Relationship With A Guy Named Math

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