the press and the princess.

the press and the princess.

I am so pissed right now because the ending was devastating. If you watched 500 days of summer, the feeling was exactly like it. First it lures you on believing the movie was fun and full of love. BUT THEN .The next thing you know, it rips your poor heart into pieces and stomp on it until there’s nothing left but the remnants of the pathetic love you felt for the film.

The ending was the worst! You see Gregory Peck, still not leaving his spot while everyone rushes out. He stood there. You stare at him. And both of you hoping for Audrey Hepburn to come out and declare her love for the man. BUT NO. Seconds later Gregory Peck paces slowly toward the exit still half hoping the princess would run after him. BUT NO. You see Gregory Peck looking back one last time and then the screen was suddenly filled with the famous “The End” phrase. Confirming that the movie has officially ended. Without you knowing what happened to them.

what the fuck was that?!

But you know what, there are movies that satisfies you and leads you to the direction where you’re expecting to be. And there are movies like Roman Holiday that don’t give you enough satisfaction and it takes you to the direction full of sleepless nights pondering about the possibilities that could’ve been but never had. And i think that makes these kind of movies special. That the creators all did those things on purpose. To let the audience get attached to the story. To let these people crave for more.

smart moves.

btw. the funniest part was when the princess was like crying her eyes out because she had to go. I mean, c’mon, it’s not like you’ve known each other for years. You’ve only met him today.

and Audrey Hepburn is so beautiful.


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