I do not understand how someone could make such promise.

“I’ll always be here, if you need me,”

Did she really mean it? Will she really be there for me when I need her? Can she really guarantee the presence I’ll be needing to a friend when I’m feeling down? How much gut did she have to promise such thing? I’ve heard these promises before, from a whole lot of people but I’ve always understood them as casual phrases that a person say to a friend. Never have I felt this feeling of assurance. So much power and love and care. Twas really brave of her to risk our friendship by letting my expectations hanging high and avoiding it to fall. When she knew so well how much pain it feels whenever we get disappointed. I’ve just met her last year, we’re not really long time friends. And yet, she’s making me feel like I’m part of a real friendship. But why? Maybe she’s kind? No. I mean, yes, well… part of it. But I know there’s a part of her making her do all these things, a part of her, that… I think, only she can understand. People say that a friendship lasts forever if they’ve been friends for seven years.

We’ll see, we’ll see.


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