The acting was okay. The story was cliche. the production was small. Just one or two people talking in front of the camera. There were no costumes. No big production sets. No CG animation. There wasn’t even a trailer. It’s just a video diary I watched on youtube. I only watched it because it’s an online adaptation of a famous classic novel and i wanted to know the story and how this modern adaptation would go.

I always loved modern adaptations. I love the way people adjust themselves so that audience would relate and become interested to a story that was a big hit many years ago.

But surprisingly, I got hooked on the series and loved it so much. The script was the best. Although the drama parts were not that good, I fell in love with it. Episode 98 was the best. I was smirking and giggling and making weird and funny noises like a retarded seal. It was the episode when the main characters get to kiss because they finally admit that they love each other. I felt the blood rush in my face. I felt like having two hearts because the beating was really intense. I was hugging the pillow really tight. My eyes watery.

That feeling of being in love not because of a special someone but because of the show that is not a person. That does not give you flowers or chocolates. That does not show any affection towards you. It’s just a show. No mutual feelings. Just a show (or sometimes a book or a movie) being what it is and still making you fall in love. Really bad. And it felt great. I didn’t even feel any kind of bitterness after watching. Yeah, in some movies or books, I’d sometimes feel the side effect of being happy for the main characters who in the end became a couple. Ah, the bitterness. Questioning the fates why do they get really awesome endings while here I am still fascinated with childish things and wondering what am i even doing with my life. But it seldom happens. and I don’t mind with the all-the-people-in-the-world-and-then-there’s-me drama. I’m not that desperate.

Ok, so back to the show, It’s awesome. Take time watching every episode.

In fact, why don’t you start watching it even though I unintentionally spoiled some of it.sorryyy.



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