The Sleuth

It’s been a while since I got involved with a Nancy Drew mystery. I was OBSESSED with her back when i was 12. Staying up late at night glued to the series I borrowed from a friend because saving money for a book wasn’t my hobby yet that time. I loved her so much that I tried my best to learn a lot about her: her family background, her involvement with the Hardy Boys ( also a popular duo of detectives), I even taught myself to identify whether she is a product of Mildred Wirt Benson (Vintage, Really Really Cool Nancy) or Harriet Stratemeyer Adams (Slutty, Uncool Nancy). These two women go with the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene, the known author of the Nancy Drew Mystery Series.

She’s a perfect role model for a twelve-year-old. She was clever, fashionable, sweet, talented, down-to-earth, brave, and always ready to help. Sometimes I’d forget that she’s a fictional character and I’d be really upset whenever she’s showing fondness to Frank Hardy (the elder brother of the Hardy Boys) when I know in my heart she belongs to Ned Nickerson. You think that’s clever, HSA? You think shipping Nancy and Hardy is going to appeal me? No. Just because both of them are sleuths doesn’t mean their perfect for each other. I never liked the Hardy Boys anyway. That’s what I hate about the revisions made when the original author, MWB died, they forced these boys into Nancy’s life thinking that the girl can’t do a case alone.

Anyway, I’ll always be a fan of Nancy Drew despite of her case being really predictable and her being a character without flaw. I’ll always love her bestfriends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne (she’s a girl). Her housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, who became a mother to her when her own mother died when she was three. Her really hot father, Carson Drew who’s…well..really attractive. And all the adventures and cases she solved. She was the only cool thing that happened in the age of uncoolness.


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