Straight and Fast.

It was times like these when I actually stop and think “How was it even possible I stuck with this bitch?” We don’t often share the same set of ideas and we always end up screaming at each other’s face everytime there’s a collision between  two opposing thoughts. But why stick with her when you can’t even stand her ridiculously long strides that you can’t even catch up with everytime you two walk together; her mutated hair crying with agony because she forces it to be straight when it’s really not (why can’t she just accept it for what it was?); her weird pronunciation of the letter ‘r’, like seriously bitch; her annoying obsession to online games in which she even tried to corrupt my mind with this game about mutated zombies that I hadn’t even finished yet because it bore me; her blue green-ish bag that she tried to match with her crush (honestly, like  he’s ever going to notice her); her big ass eyes that sucked at being eyes because she can barely see anything without her irritating contact lenses that came from people who’s kind enough to call her ‘sis’; her thick ass cheeks that occupy 3/4 of her face, her weird internet schedules; her sudden lesbo habits; her load-less phone that’s not even hers; the way she accuses me of being obsessive compulsive when she’s just damn disorganized, the way she assumes that a zombie apocalypse is going to happen; the fatty fats that control her body; the way she randomly kicks other people’s ass and it freakin’ hurts that the muscles of my buttocks betrays my whole system; the way she forces me to watch anime with weird plots; the way she always comes in an hour late and every little thing about her makes me frustrated.

But still, why stick with her? Probably we enjoy talking about other people, probably we love abusing each other physically, emotionally and mentally; probably we both enjoy eating (either Dunkin’s or McDonald’s) , or maybe we just love hanging out. For whatever reason, our frequencies are matched perfectly that we like spending those moments bitchin each other.

Ok, so I just realized that more than half of the content of this blog are insults. But I know she won’t mind, because I know that she can see how sweet I am for dedicating a whole blog for her because it’s her birthday.



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