and legs that went on for days

We spent the whole hour touching tits. A game formulated by bored and horny bitches who, of course, enjoying the game not because they’re touching female parts but because they loved the reaction of the loser who got her boobs squished by those tensed and excited hands. The wonders of the green minded. Why people enjoy the supposed to be “sensitive” conversation. But when friends group together and this topic comes out, some psycho would give subtopics about it making the whole point open for lousy ideas. And then everybody will start having united interpretations as if their brainwaves are interconnected. The joke doesn’t have to be said directly. Everybody will get it. Except for some who are really ignorant enough to ruin a good green joke. And then there are some who pretend they know what everyone’s talking about. Laughing along feeling like they’re one of the big guys. Nobody knows the whole thing is killing them inside. They laugh but they don’t contribute to the heating conversation, afraid of ruining it. The worst part is they have to discover the meaning of the joke themselves because they don’t have the balls to ask their peers afraid of humiliating themselves for being ignorant.

The funny thing about green jokes is that they’re just there to be funny. No, I don’t think it triggers any desire to bang a particular person. I don’t think it works that way. Except for really horny bastards, I guess. Besides I think green jokes are there to help acquaintances become closer to each other. It’s a bond between two people who just want a different sense of humor. And no amount of penises and vaginas is going to stop me from being amused of these things because I’m one hell of a green minded person myself.


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