It pisses me off when people play mind games with me. I hate it when they make wild and random decisions without telling me what’s going on and why they made those decisions. And their reason for not telling me is that they have this feeling that they can’t explain. WELL FUCK YOU. There’s a million of ways to help me understand whatever you’re feeling. You can illustrate, use metaphors, use analogies or tell stories. Just PLEASE! And if you’re asking why does it even matter to me the things you do? Well bitch, I am completely affected by it, that’s why. The worst part is, I feel that everybody has been doing it to me recently. Everybody who’s important to me. And right now I’m feeling really tired of all that’s happening to me. It’s like I’ve been used up for a really long time and now dehydrating. I just want to disappear and never exist. Fuck life. Fuck myself for driving people away and not giving a chance for solutions.

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