New New New World

Long before I met people outside my circle of friends, my first impression of them was they’re stupid and they’ll never understand the turn of the universe. That was a douchebag-y way of saying you hate socializing with others. I brought that impression until I reached college that’s why I think I wasn’t really that comfortable being with new people. Clearly, I was wrong. It was the other way around. I was the stupid one and I never really understood how things really work out in the real world. I was everything I always hated. I think that’s why I was fated to separate from my friends so that I could meet others and let them teach me how to deal with these things. And they did. They really did.

A lot of things changed. I think I became more aware of the things that should be taking notice of. I’m starting to appreciate more. Starting to have empathy towards others. You know, knowing when to keep my mouth shut. The sense of control.
I guess what I’m saying right now, is, things really changed. My life does not center on wizards, timelords, demigods, bands, and weird shit like those anymore. I mean, I still love those things but I’m growing up and there’s so much more to understand.

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