congratulations on living another year

Told ye I’ll have an awesome birthday this year. I always do. I was greeted by the people I love. Some posted pictures and their messages:

congratulations on living another year

(This. I do not know why she chose these pics. I’ve got good pictures, you know?)
I do not understand why


(And this earned likes from a lot of people. Not sure if it’s because of the message or the picture that represents it.)
i never got a descent picture 
(Fuck this shit. This is the worst. I’m doing my best to avert my eyes. This is really distracting. Is it stupid of me to make this my profile picture on facebook? Yes,yes it is. But I just don’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings. I mean, she sounded really proud of it. It would be really mean to hate something that was made with lots of effort to please you. So, to make it up to her, I did the least thing I would do.  I mean, I’m okay with humiliating myself rather than hurt other people’s feelings because of not appreciating their works. But somehow, I did appreciate her way of greeting me a happy birthday, it’s like she’s making a way so I cross everyone’s mind on my birthday. )
on my birthday.
This one’s really cool tho. this is from a friend who i thought was brainwashed and forgot all our doctor who obsessions when we were in high school. we don’t talk that much any more so i was shocked when she did this. guess she still got the timelordness in her.

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