congratulations on living another year 2

some made their long ass messages for me.

Haappyy Birthdaay Babyy!! Yuucks!! =))) Jk.(This one was attached to 2nd picture.) Oy teh, gurang kana so baka pwede man lang mag palangkaw kna padagos?(Look who’s talking, bitch) Baka man lang teh.. Hahahaha. Basahun mo nlng te teks ko(Aaaand twas really long ass.Like really long), duman ako madrama(and she did) HAHAHA. Anyways aram ko miss mo nako miss tka namn!! :)) Keme pruts! Happy Birthday Shann!! maski wa pa haloy friendship ta love taka!! πŸ™‚(I only met her this year and it’s like we knew each other for a really long time) clap clap ang kifs!(You don’t wanna know what this means) =)))) Hahaha. I Love You Shannen!! Enjoy your day little bitch!! mwaa >:D< Yan nnman picture ta ta eyo man lng tlga yan picture tang duwa!! Mas magayoon panangad ko teh πŸ™‚ AHAHHA joke. Ikes ang Gandola TODAY LANG =)) Jk. Mwaaa.(This became her profile picture and I was left nothing but the remnants of my dignity)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shannen!! at dahil bday mo ngayon ok na ika na ang magayon happy?(why is my beauty always a big issue to my friends?)hahahah pero mas magayon ako saimo!whhahahahahah..salamat sa friendship, sa care, sa love, sa patience in short sa gabos! haha keep in touch ka eu? ateneo lng kita:))) hahah sana miski ndakol knang new friends dae mo kami lingawan(I guess I don’t hang out much with my old friends, that made me guilty).JURUMBAGAN YN!and please have a social life namn (well, i’ve been tryin’ really hard).hahahha PEACE:) lablablablabyuuuuuo shannen! haha tP.S.: masakiton kng hanapan picture.pakavain nni!hahahahaha tska tinuyo kong center ang PINAKA MAGAUN MONG MUKHA:) hahahaha#peacemen!


(This is the very first message I read, and it made my day)Happy happy birthday Shannen! 17th right? πŸ™‚ well i only have a few words for you but i mean em all. Enjoy your college days, study well, have time to relax and value everyone around you. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!


Shanneeeeeeeeeeeeen! Happy beerday.Geabeeee! Gurang ka na! Mas magayon man giraray ako. Mwaaaa! I love you


It’s your birthday? You do it then.(is a phrase from harry potter that we use often) Choco-halo-slash-lotion tester bizatch.(lol ok so i’ll give the meaning of this weird phrase. Remember when I hung out with my old friends in high school. Well this is what happened there. Choco-halo: We’ve been debating for almost 20 mins whether or not to but the ice cream. We ended up buying it. Lotion tester: Is the time when we opened a display of bottled lotion in a mall. We felt really badass.) Imma buy some cake for me. I’m hungry. PS: May bata si logan lerman na gurla(anyway, i’m not really interested on him anymore because he’s getting overrated) hehe check it out sa tumblr


(the longest message i received that i thought was never going to end.but it felt really good reading it)Shannen! Dae taka tgteteks subangi para mamiss m man ako(So that’s why….) ^_____^ hahaha keme! Tehh! Para iba naman daa sbi m haha dae tka tggreet subangging 12 kaya ako sa tahaw(This made me smile tho.Really smart and creative idea). Bko ako ang inot and last but i’m the middle(Best phrase:D). Lol HAHAHA. Happy happy Birthday ate! Thankyouu for being an awesome friend to me te!! πŸ™‚ maski wa pa kta haluyun na friends, grbe garo haluyun na ktang magbarkada well yan nffeel ko te e(did it occur to you that this message came from the same person?). Haha mtouch ka please =))(Don’t worry. I was πŸ™‚ seriously. I just don’t know how to respond properly.i hope you think i was.) Happy Birthday man plan daa te sbi ni Alyssa my prend :)) anyways. Thankyouu ate for everything, sa care, jaming, love lalo na sa mukha mo!! πŸ™‚ HAHA. Sana te maghaloy pa friendship ta πŸ™‚ Wish you all the best ate. Ingat ka pirmi and te am always here for you, ueks? πŸ™‚ sayang wa tka nhlng sa brthdy mes 😦 sgete! Wa na spce e. Haha. I Love You Shan! Libre m nlang kmi saga :3 lol. Mwaa. Enjoy your daay ate!! Grassy Ass(Never gets old) =)) :* >:D< God Blessyou!Palangkaw kna gurl! Ha? HAHAHA Lol joke! Mwaaa


(This made me laugh my ass off)Ina apod ko po tabi ang atensyon kan sakuyang mga barkada ta ngunyan po ka aldawan kan pagkamundag kan saro sa satuyang amiga. Siya po satuyang batiun asin ipangadyi sa mahal na diyos na sana dakol pang aldaw na arog kani saiya ang ma abot. Maray na kumplianyo sa satong barkada na may diit na pagka ribong, Shannen EspeΓ±a!(This came from a childhood friend. I’ve known him since we were fetuses)


HAppy birthday panget! Ayii. Birthday wish mo, sana gumanda ka na mwahahahaha. Ge. Saka mo nalang ako ilibre ha? Bye. Love yaaa πŸ™‚ ( i never thought she’d greet me!)


(sigh) (obsessions) (whovians will get this)LISTEN the angels have the phone box and the master is in cahoots with the Silence in their great plan of taking over the universe using a Muon-powered Β ray gun built by the Sontarans! Meanwhile, River, Amy and Rory are trapped by the cybermen in their house about to extract their brains out and the Daleks invaded the Ood settlement by the Medusa Cascade! The DOCTOR needs our help, so after you finish that cake, load up the Time Lord in you and let’s save the universe!!! P.S. Happy Birthday dear…oh and- ALLONS-Y! Love lots, Kim C


HEY SHANNEN ESPADILLA ESPEΓ±A! Do you miss me? Or should i say, you really miss the mighty me! Haha! Well? Here i am. Before ths day ends, i wanna sing. Lala. I knw i’m out of the tune. Haha. Sorry for that. And the doctor isn’t coming fr your bday and me as well coz we are travellng (TARDIS) far far frm you. Dnt be sad. Be happy coz we’re always here for you. And we loved you so much. So, it is indeed a happy happy birthday for you coz I texted you. Take care. From your dearest friend, Rose.(I always call her names.I miss calling her things and I miss her getting annoyed because of it) Oh well, its daniza. Well. Just for your special day. Rose, Haymitch (because she provides me provisions) and I were one because of your one of a kind idea. So, shannen, happy happy birthday! Dnt ever forget me. And always be happy. Take care. Miss you true friend. Frm the me who portrays rose and haymitch, Daniza. Love you girl

Even tho some special people completely have forgotten it and it hurt me really bad, all in all, I still felt lucky feeling someone’s special person. It gives me a mindset that somehow I’m needed.Β 



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