I’ve been trying my best not to be worried about my friend. She just went to our place to hang out with me. Then, when it was time for her to go, I told repeatedly to send me a message the moment she gets home. Sadly until now, I haven’t felt her existence. My messages remained unseen. I don’t know what’s happened to her but damn!I got really scared. I mean, If something happens to her, I would never forgive myself.  My other friend tells me I’m overreacting but still, I can’t help it. I’m scared.

BUT…If ever I find out that she is having the time of her life while here I am dying of seeing a virtual funeral of hers I am going to cut that bitch. I won’t think twice of skinning her alive and plunging her in a sea of hungry sharks.fuck her.i don’t care if it’s Christmas.

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