High School Issues

Yesterday I came home later than I planned to be. My friend and I were so preoccupied with our conversation that we forgot our target time to go home. We talked for almost an hour. I wouldn’t talk about the conversation because it was a bit private and it didn’t center on my life. Although I would talk about what I felt while listening to a really interesting and intriguing story. I’m telling you there were goosebumps all over me because it wasn’t an ordinary story.

But here’s what I learned that day. The friend I hung out with wasn’t really what I thought she was. I found out she was a really caring and concerned friend. Far from what I’m used to seeing her. For a moment there, she wasn’t the same bitch who bullies me on the way home. She wasn’t the bitch who backstabs about the people who annoys her. She wasn’t the bitch who judges innocent passer’s by. She wasn’t the bitch who was so eloquent in trash talks. For a moment there, all her flaws that I’ve gotten used to somehow weren’t bad at all.

Actually, I feel sorry for her. All along, I’ve always thought she’s the type of person that wherever she is, she would always be a part of a certain circle of friends. But clearly, I was wrong about that. I can see that she misses her old friends who are now far from her, just like me, I guess. There’s nothing I can do to bring those people back of course. Right now, I just want to be there for her. Be there for anyone, actually. No I’m not volunteering to be her “temporary bestfriend”. A bestfriend who’s supposed to be there when the real bestfriend isn’t available. (Damn! Why is having a bestfriend such a big issue of my life?!) If I can’t be a bestfriend, at least I could be a great friend.


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