a proper bestfriend

I don’t have a bestfriend. And no, i’m not searching for one. In fact, I’ve been trying to avoid having one. No offense, but I think having a bestfriend is a sissy stuff. The “bestfriend” term only exist to guarantee that someone will be there when you need it and that would give the person a responsibility to be there and in return you yourself have to be there when they need you. I don’t know but, the way I see it, this bestfriend relationship is a bit conditional, in a merciful kind of way. It’s an obligation for both of you because you need to return each other’s favor. Also, I believe that nothing is permanent in this world and I should avoid getting too attached on things. Because, I know that one day, when it’s time to go, I would end up getting hurt.

I’ve been through a lot of “bestfriendships” before and all of them were  bad experiences. It would always end up  one or both of us getting tired of each others company and we would slowly drift apart. Some say the reason is that I don’t know how to appreciate the things they do for me. Some people say I’m immature and some say I lack the feeling of empathy.

whatever. you do it then if you’re so clever. you think it’s easy? well it’s not. i don’t care if people say it’s good to have a bestfriend because you’ll never be alone. wrong. you’ll feel more alone once a bestfriend can’t be there because they’re too busy doing stuff. bestfriends makes us expect things. THEN disappoints us in the end ./.

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