Rhymes and Reasons

Papa Loves Mambo

My parents gave so much influence when comes to music taste when I was growing up. They had such great songs in their playlists that I just cannot let go even when I hit my teenage years. The genre that they have are mostly rock–rock and roll, soft rock, country rock and folk rock. And sometime these genres usually shift to just country, folk and ballads.

Let’s start when I was an infant. I don’t remember this anymore, but my mom always told me that when I was a baby it was John Denver  who put me to sleep. And when we were kids, my dad bought this DVD of John Denver’s wildlife concert and we would play it every time and that’s how we grew up singing along to his songs.

Of course, our family didn’t escape from The Beatles mania so there’s no need for explaining why we love them. And every New Year’s Eve, we would play these two artists and wait until it’s 12 midnight.

There are other artists too that has affected my music taste and some are even in my own playlist:

  1. The Eagles (which is my dad’s all time favorite band)
  2. Simon and Garfunkel
  3. The Carpenters
  4. Bread
  5. Dan Fogelberg
  6. Peter Paul and Mary
  7. James Taylor
  8. Everly Brothers
  9. Air Supply
  10. Queen

I’m just gonna limit this list to 10 but I’m telling you, there’s a LOT more. And I love that my parents brought me up to the songs they love. It’s like passing something onto me and my siblings and I have a feeling that I might even pass this on to my kids someday. I love the feeling that there is something that unites us not just because our blood is related or that we have lived together for a long time. It’s something that connects us through rhythm and lyrics and our love for a certain artist.

Can’t It be A Bit Sooner?

Too Soon?

You know what’s weird? The title of this prompt (which was posted last October 4, 2015) is the same as the title I had on a particular entry last year, October 4, 2014. If you don’t believe me, you can check the date here and tell me this is not weird.

And no, I’m not even gonna talk about what the fuck was I talking about that time because…no I’m just not gonna talk about it.

Moving on to the actual topic of this entry, there are moments in our life that we get clouded with hilarity and fun that we forget the other stuff. The stuff that we only get to realize when the laughter dies down and someone starts to secretly hate you for being insensitive and immature. So when do we really cross the line? When does being funny starts to become being an asshole? And when does enjoyment starts to become completely and utterly wrong?

I guess it’s all about knowing if we undermine other people with these types of jokes. It is when we start to criticize and isolate them for who they are as a form of entertainment and past time for everyone.

And sometimes, when someone tries to speak up for being offended, people usually say “It’s just a joke,” as an excuse. And they would turn the thing around and say that that person is such a bitch for ruining everyone’s great time.

But no one is a perfect comedian and every once in a while, we get to hurt someone’s feelings for being too excited to make everyone else laugh. The important thing is we apologize–and I don’t mean just saying “sorry” and saying something in your defense. Apologize in a way that you are actually taking responsibility of what you did.

I am still weirded out from the title of this prompt. Why u testing me this much?

Crimson Horror

A few days ago while having a class discussion, our professor told us about a person’s mood and their reasons. He mentioned one of the reasons for being moody are periods. Now, I cannot disagree to that because it’s quite true from years of experience. Then suddenly someone from our class butted in started saying that periods are just excuses. He was a guy, obviously.

And you could imagine every girl in our class, including me, slowly turn to his direction. We were still smiling from his joke but you can clearly feel the tension inside the room when nobody second or protested to his statement. Everyone was silent and boy, you can imagine how he’s gonna get skinned alive for pressing the trigger button if it wasn’t for us being civil and understanding.

Now, I understand it was supposed to be joke but I know that there are still a lot of people out there who still hasn’t got a clue how period works. It got me thinking, maybe I should talk about periods. I realized, we can’t just restrict the topic of periods among females because they already how it is.

That’s why I’m gonna address this entry to you, guys. And believe me, it’s got everything a stereotypical male wants–it’s got gore, action, blood, betrayal, women…vaginas. So sit back and enjoy my gorey details of womanhood.

Let’s start with the moment a girl wakes up in the pool of her own blood. At first, she wouldn’t know it yet. Not until she has rolled around staining her beautiful mattress and blanket (and later on, realizing she has also ruined her pretty undies). And then she gets to put some pads. Now, let me tell you something about pads: They are never comfortable. No matter how cozy they say it is on commercials, NO. It’s like wearing a diaper. It’s gross and hot and sometimes, when the pads doesn’t suit you, they itch.

And the day hasn’t even started yet. That is just what happens in the morning. The horrible cramps are just lurking around the corner. In a few hours, she will feel the pain mildly and just when she starts to say to herself she can handle it–BOOM. The pain intensifies and there is really nothing she can do but wait until it passes. Contorting the body into specific positions helps but it’s usually never easy to find a comfortable position. Crying also helps.

Then she gets all these weird feelings and frustrations the whole time. Believe me, it’s like having this giant battlefield inside you and you just feel tired and irritated and shit. And at the same time, sexist men magically surrounds her making fun of her mood and attitude.

Cmon, guys. You’re better than that. I don’t know if my description helped but just be nice to girls even if she randomly becomes mean and cry a lot. It’s has probably been a rough day for her. She’s been through a lot so please stop making her more irritated and sad. And just give her what she wants.

The way things are going, They’re going to crucify me.


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12036505_1065899560121116_6051619537996938930_n      CPcMrcCUAAAH1aO

Since we had so much time for the production of our short film, we decided to take some hours off. What could happen? We hung out at our friend’s place, who also happened to be a really hot photographer, and took pictures of ourselves.

At that time, he was having a creative juice spurt and was so inspired by the Yoko and John photos and he wanted us to be models. Being well-experienced models as we are,  we couldn’t just say no. I mean, this face? Cmon, this is million dollars worth.

Okay on the serious note, I never imagine myself posing to satisfy aesthetic requirements. I am a terribly self-conscious person that I am completely satisfied with just adjusting muscles on face. But look what we have here.

If you’re a photography enthusiast or just curious on whoever photographed this shit, just visit the friend I was talking about, http://paulechano.tumblr.com/ you’ll find more awesome photos.

Pope Joan

To start with, I was interested in buying this book because I came across the story of a female pope one time on tumblr. That time, I was completely surprised of the number of citation to which Pope Joan was mentioned. Although, it was confirmed by a lot of historians that her story was fictional, I wanted so badly to read about her and discover how on earth did she manage to live her life disguising as a man.

I mean yes, I’ve seen films like Twelfth Night, She’s the Man and Mulan but I guess the era in which Joan lived is more thrilling because it required more cautiousness from the watchful eyes of the church which was, at that time, the “center of everything”.

The first parts of the book, especially Joan’s stay at Gerold’s felt like I was watching a soap opera filled with hidden feelings and sneaky characters and awkward romantic moments. Though the romantic relationship between Joan and Gerold thankfully did not end up being incestuous, I did not find myself rooting for them.

It wasn’t until the middle part (her adventures as John Anglicus) that I found getting seriously excited that I took many hours of production just so I could finish it. She got this silent but wise attitude too which was so fun to read. But then she was reunited with Gerold and so the excitement falls.

I mean, I do not have anything against their relationship. It’s just so full of unnecessary drama.


Now, Gerold, despite of their loyalty to their obligations, got Joan pregnant. So we have a pregnant pope. And they tried to conceal the baby for the whole 9 months. And one day while having a procession the baby came out. And because everyone was horrified and confused what the fuck was happening, nobody dared to help her and so she died.

But it doesn’t matter whether she was real or not (though deep down I hope she was). The author pointed that out herself saying what matters is that it leaves something to the reader about the capabilities of a woman. Of how far she can go and surpass what’s expected of her. We need these kinds of books so we could understand there’s more to us that the norm is not even ready to see.


I’m In Da Howz


Two days ago, we moved out of the apartment and even though nobody verbally admitted how much attached we were to the place, It did kinda felt like that scene in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S finale where they get to leave their beloved home.

When I got back to my house, although it was comforting, it was like having a jetlag even though it was only half and hour away. My body clock is confused as hell that every morning since I got here, my head hurts and I do not feel the energy that I’m supposed to have for the whole day.

There are a few things that I wasn’t able to talk about that happened within the apartment days. The internet is a bit shitty and I didn’t have the time to write about stuff. And even if I did (which is usually past 12 midnight because that’s the only time everything loads), I couldn’t because I would get distracted by the things I missed in the social media.


So here’s a few things that happened while I was in the apartment. I would have put them on a different entry but I am too lazy to do it.

  1. HENERAL LUNA.  I watched it with a friend who I’m starting to hang out with more often like we should. I can’t tell you now why that’s a big deal but I’m just happy that we are catching up with each other’s lives. Right, so this film… Okay I changed my mind, I feel like this does not deserve to be just inserted into some of my ramblings. I really should make a separate entry about this because it’s one of the most important films my people should watch.
  2. POPE JOAN. Despite of the Senior Production, I still found the time to read something. I came across this book at the Booksale. It’s about this girl who disguised herself as a man because in her time education was not available for her gender. She was so good and clever that eventually, she became the pope. I would want to make a review on this.
  3. SILENT SANCTUARY MADNESS. This Filipino band called Silent Sanctuary is notable for their catchy and heart striking songs and has been loved by many over the years. For some reason one of their albums, Monodramatic became the soundtrack of our apartment days. We would play this album for hours without ever getting tired of it (and without ever memorizing the lyrics properly despite that). I guess it secretly relates to us so much that no one bothered to complain everytime it plays.
  4. SIR KARLOS/MASTER QUATRO MEALS. These two eateries have been the only providers of our daily meals because they’re affordable and was just along the avenue. I am planning to make an entry about my few favorite bistros/restaurant/eatery in my years of college so I’m just gonna leave it here. for now.

Okay wow. Now I just made myself promises and responsibilities that I am not even sure I can keep. I guess we’ll just have to wait if I can really write stuff about these things.

Oh and by the way, I’m gonna be out of town in two weeks to attend the Animahenasyon there will be more to talk about. Please give me a decent amount of attention span to write stuff about my life. I mean, it’s not really that important. I don’t get grades in these things and I can’t win in these things but it really is rewarding and I have something to look back to in case I get forgetful.

.apartment_squad2 apartment_squad3

lol That time when the power was out and there’s nothing to do but lie down and converse.

Birthday Greeting Turned Into Sudden Realizations

I think this is the time when realized you deserve a spot on this site. Even though you bailed on me last night I guess I can give you a birthday pass. We’ve been friends deep and long enough that I don’t care if this whole thing gets too sappy. Get ready for the shower of cheesy compliments I’m about to give you.

There was never a day that wasn’t fun with you. You always have ways of making the most ordinary things hilarious without even trying. And yet you’re one of the few people I talk to on the serious and important matters. Your passion motivates me to have time for the things that I love even if the circumstances does not let me.

Did I ever tell you my favorite memory that I ever had with you? It was the after party of the Summer Camp Premiere. And no, it was not because of what happened that time at the backseat of that tricycle ride on the way to your place when everyone else was wasted and everything was weird and crazy and awkward. It wasn’t that (although it was fun, to be honest *wink wink).

It was because of the overwhelming feeling I felt when we decided to go out someplace quiet and just catch up after a long time of not being able to talk to each other. That feeling that I missed you so much and I was so happy that I get to talk to you again. And then I realized, that is exactly what I’m going to feel when we go separate ways to face the “outside world”.

AAArgh just recently we were talking about the weird phases we had and I can’t help but think that it’s gonna be really different in the coming months. You gave me this really cool and meaningful and fun college life that I’ll be proud to tell stories about!

I do hope that you get to live your dreams (because of the benefits I’m gonna get in which DO NOT EVER FORGET ME when that happens lol). Thanks for the awesome years and happy birthday, seestra.