Bubbly Waters instead of Coffees

My Korean drama series phase is not over. After watching My Love From Another Star, I was determined to watch one more before letting go of the post-submission unproductiveness.

Oh, and did I mention I moved out of my house? Well, kind of. I mean, I already have my stuff placed in the new apartment but I still have plans on going home on the weekends to bring back laundry and shit. “Moving out” sounded so adult like I’m some kind of a rising youtube vlogger moving to LA. Anyway, my friends and I decided that, in order to have easier file sharing and communication, we definitely should rent an apartment near the university. Plus, it’s gonna be like Summer Camp 2015 2.0 so it should be fun.


And it is. With the new apartment having a lot of space, ventilation won’t be a problem even if our PC units’ heat might open a gateway to hell.

Right. So back to my Korean Drama Series Phase.

Back in high school, the show My Girlfriend is A Gumiho rose to fame in the country. It was aired in the summer of 2011 and the everyone got crazy over the lead actress Shin Min-ah because gaaah she’s really pretty. But I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes because of the fucking summer classes. I never had the chance to watch them after that because that was the time I was working on college applications and shit. Also, I was not yet introduced to the beauty of sharing TV series among friends.


And now, it’s part of this weird phase in my life and I shall make a review on it.

The story, to start, was really cool because they based it on the old legends of Korea. I’ve always been fascinated on films and shows that incorporate the culture and tradition of their settings. I think the effort on research and development makes the entire show a whole lot meaningful and it creates an important connection to the audience as if it’s their own reality.

The next thing I’m going to praise is Shin Min-ah. I do not only praise her for her cuteness but also for personifying the nine-tailed fox so well. She made the character feel like a child in a grown person’s body but doesn’t overdo it into an adult with mental incapacity. The purity and innocence and sweetness of her character really carried the whole show. I loved Mi-ho’s small but unforgettable childish habits. And I loved how she became a certain kind of responsibility for Dae Wong so that he can develop his character to maturity.


The love story of Dae Wong’s aunt and the Director was hilarious and gave me breaks from the stress of the main plot. It was surprisingly entertaining and I was looking forward to seeing them. I thought I would disregard all the scenes that did not include Shin Min-ah but there we go.

The show was not just entirely sweet and light-hearted. I’m telling you, I cried my eyes out right at the beginning of the 4th episode. That’s how intense the show was. You know, now that I mentioned it, I think my emotional endurance when it comes to watching tv series, has dropped lately. I might know the reason but I am not done with my review yet.

Moving on.

There were some off bits though, like the indecisiveness of the writers on what shall become of the bead. It’s like I’m watching a tennis match between Dae Wong and Mi-ho. I also thought that the development of Park Dong-Joo’s character was a bit abrupt at the last part. The part when he suddenly changed his mind and gave his desires up so Mi-ho and Dae Wong would get back together. Well, to be honest it doesn’t matter, he’s my least favorite character anyway because he’s such a weirdo.

I wish Eun Hye-In’s character was justified at the end. Despite her bitchy and manipulative attitude, I kinda wish the audience would make peace with her because she’s innocent and she doesn’t really understand what’s happening.

Anyway, I’m currently enjoying the comforts of being in my own house. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll probably go back to the apartment. I’m watching another Korean Drama Series called Arang and the Magistrate also starring Shin Min-ah. You would have asked how do I find time watching series in the middle of the pre-production for our short film. I actually don’t.

Welcome to my crappily managed life.

pkay, last one.


Korean Doctor Wh–? No.

This is a review on a Korean drama series called My Love from Another Star.

I don’t have much to say about this show except it was painfully long. 21 episodes and each of them fit into almost an hour each. To be honest, it can be narrowed down into one big movie if we wanted to get to the point.

I so much wanted to multitask: You know, minimize my player and do something else like surf the internet. That way you can just listen to the show while scrolling through your tumblr dash or something. But I don’t understand Korean and I can’t risk important scenes so I had to force myself to sit through the whole episode and read the subtitles.

I found some unrealistic plot points too. And no, it’s even about the main character being an alien. The fact that Do Min Joon was able to avoid important relationships with humans for the past 400 years was not believable. At first it was understandable that he was carrying regret over not being able to save the one person who was ever nice to him, but carrying that for 400 years was too much.

Did his feelings not fade over this one mistake? I’m pretty sure that the remorse would have faded because of the education he acquired and the experiences he had over the past years. For a character possessing incredible amount of knowledge, I think Do Min Joon is pretty dumb (considering his decisions on keeping Cheon Song Yi safe).  He said he went to wars and he had seen people die. He should have understood the concept of death already. Did he not learn anything from them?

I have to say the same for the two other characters: Cheon Song Yi’s friends–the rich guy who’s inlove with her and the actress girl who’s secretly jealous of her. I have trouble remembering the names of the supporting characters so bear with me. Plus, I don’t their their feelings were given any closure as the show progressed. I did not feel their character development and the resolution of their feelings towards the very end.

I don’t understand how on earth did they stay in love with the same person for 15 years. And could the world be that small for 3 people to stick together for 15 years? Seriously, this show is set in a really really small universe despite of it starring an alien from another star (even though we all know that can’t be possible because a star is just a big ball of gas so it’s impossible to put foot on it much less inhabit it) because people suddenly becomes conveniently related to one another when something important happens.

Going back, given Cheon Song Yi’s friends’ privileges in the wealth and looks department, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that hard for them to move on. Oh, they’re in love with the people they’re close with? Right. Okay. I have nothing more to say.

I also think that the defeat of the villain (who’s motives are still blurry) was a bit sudden. I mean the show built up so much mystery and thrill for him only to get his ultimate defeat scene in less than 20 mins. I was expecting confessions and confrontations but in the end, Do Min Joon’s revelation of his identity to the mass stole the show.

The character of Cheon Song Yi’s brother was so random. One moment he was this apathetic and irritated punk and suddenly he was always around. And why was he even around? It’s not that his character was that important.

There were some minor characters that I find adorable though. And I feel like they should have more scenes. For example, I love the relationship that Cheon Song Yi had with her old manager. I found him really sweet and caring and he gave balance to her arrogant attitude. Her old friend at the manga store was hilarious and I wish she was a main character.

My favorite parts of the show are when Do Min Joon gets to stop the time. The visual effects crew did a really good job on making me feel the environment being alive despite of the time being frozen.

Even though the show had flaws and the story being not that new, I can’t say I hated it. I think I should give credit to the lead actors for the consistency with their characters and also, their good looks.

That boy, Kim Soo Hyun, I find him surprisingly cute.


August 19, 2015

I came home from school awhile ago only to find my brother alone in the house. Turns out, my parents went out to go to the doctor because my mom wasn’t feeling well. High blood pressure. Stress. Stuff like that.

She’s okay now but I can’t help but think about that look on her face awhile ago filled with pain and agony. And I can’t help but cry. This was supposed to be a fun night because I was planning to watch today’s missed episode of the Kalyeserye but I ended up lying on my bed, crying and contemplating about what shall become of me when my mom goes.

I don’t really talk to my mom about the sad things that happened in my life. Usually I talk to her about the latest gossip inside my circle of friends or the random people that annoy me. I never talked to her about heartbreaks and disappointments and all those stuff that I find heavy. As much as possible, I avoid them afraid of letting her carry a burden. She’s got enough of that so I don’t really want to add more.

Most of the time it’s the other way around: She would be the one talking about these things and I would quietly listen. Sometimes she would cry and sometimes she’s raise her tone. But it was always me who would sit still and listen.

And with that, I always thought of myself as someone who would be strong enough for her so she’d have someone to pour her heart out to. But I guess I’m not as strong as I think I’ve always been. I just thought of her and the tears start welling up. I don’t think I can handle if she ever leaves me. Without her, I’m just plain lost.

I believe, at this very moment I cannot compose proper sentences anymore. The feelings I’m having are just too sad that I feel like I’m failing to use better words to echo them. So I’ll probably leave it like this.

I don’t feel like talking, anyway.

My Edward Mordrake

I’m just waiting for my last scene to finish its render then I shall composite after. I don’t really plan on getting some sleep tonight so while waiting, I guess I’m just gonna talk about hate.

I’m a peaceful person. As much as possible I avoid having an argument with another individual and so I don’t have enemies (at least, not that I know of). I’m not really a fan of talking back to people and I don’t really like noisy disputes. So usually I keep whatever the things that I want to say inside my head and let it stay there to rot in my heart until everything becomes okay again with that person.

But there are moments when they don’t get okay. I’ve had experiences in my life where certain people have reached the peak of my morals. These people have caused me to carry this certain kind of baggage where feelings like anger and resentment towards them are rested. And I’ve been carrying that baggage for years now. I’m still carrying it at this very moment.

I think that is what hatred really feels like.  It’s not something that just causes you disturbance and can be avoided as much as you can. It can seriously affect your whole life especially those big decisions that you are to make. You live you life like a normal human being. You’re okay with some days feeling like shit and you’re also okay with days feeling like you own the whole damn place. But then you cross paths with people like them and suddenly you’re world turns black. And you suddenly want to destroy everything that had to involve with them. It all just becomes pure anger.

I have these moments when I’m watching The Purge which is a film about legalizing crime for 24 hours. And I would dream of my life becoming this one big Kill Bill movie and make the most of that privilege to just pulverize them one by one after weeks of reciting their fucking names every night before I go to bed like fucking Arya Stark.

There are also more awful thoughts like one time, this one particular person that I hated so much got seriously sick and everyone was really concerned and crying and stuff. And I remembered wishing so bad that he dies. I am not proud of that even crossing my mind. That’s just a horrible thing to wish especially when that person has got a family and not at that evil all.

I’ve kept my anger towards them for so long that I guess it’s this stain that’s not gonna go off. And I don’t feel like forgiving all of them. Ever. I didn’t considered it even after I talked about it to my mom (I didn’t mention the part of  wishing for this person’s death though).

And you call me a cold, weak and heartless bitch but I don’t care. For one thing, they never bothered to apologize to everything that they did. Also, how am I to guarantee that they’re not gonna do it again?

It’s not really that easy to let go.

God Gave Me U To Show Me What’s Real

It’s like 3 days before the deadline of the Animated Music Video that is a part of our Senior Production this semester. I have only rendered a few scenes. I have yet to animate the last remaining 5 scenes in which I haven’t got any reference of.

3 days.

I should be panicking. Yes, I definitely should. But do you know what I did instead last night? I spent my entire evening exchanging selfies with my friend who also has a midterm exam the following day. And produced this:


Just so you know, I did my friend a favor and inserted that dimple on his cheek.


Close enough.

We spent the entire night fangirling over this nationwide famous loveteam called #AlDub (The combination of the actor named Alden Richards and a recurring character of a noontime show named Yaya Dub) . The funny thing about them is that they didn’t came from an evening soap opera nor they came from a huge box-office film. And no, they didn’t even have any relatable famous lines because they didn’t have any lines at all.

This #AlDub fever came from a segment of a popular noontime show (so popular it reached from Batanes to Jolo…atleast that’s what their opening song said). The loveteam developed inside a split screen with the exchange of dubsmashes between Alden and Yaya has affected me and my friends quite deeply just as much as it has affected most people (including my mom who first introduced them to me and wouldn’t shut up about it every dinner).

I don’t even know why but their love story that was supposed to be used for comedic purposes is so adorable you suddenly find yourself rooting for them. Probably it’s because of their good looks but in the media, good looks are a prerequisite to having a successful loveteam. I’ve seen more than enough good looking pairs but I never had this kind of feels.

Anyway, I should get back to my work. My characters are starting to get pissed.

Oh, the Summer Campers won the 2nd and 3rd Prize plus an Honorable Mention at the 27th Gawad CCP tonight! Yey!

Lies and Bruises

There is a reason why I let go of many grand long-hours-from-home adventures and didn’t participate  —It’s because I can’t lie to my mom. And no I’m not saying I’m a saint because I’ve lied to my parents a couple of times, it’s just that I have this set of boundaries and these boundaries usually fall into situations where I think it’s safe to tell a false story on because if ever my parents find out, it wouldn’t make a big of a deal. Usually it would be about failed exams, locations of where I’m going to sleep for the night (in which I always say the same person and usually that person is someone my parents have heard of) , dinner schedules (when I haven’t eaten yet but still don’t feel like it), cut classes, school punishments, fucked up relationships with other people, etc.

As you can see most of these situations are in short term and can be forgotten easily. Well, except for the last one and if that happens, I always make sure that that person is someone my parents does not have any knowledge of.

But whenever someone invites me to go somewhere far off, on a remote place perhaps or swimming with my friends someplace, I would always say yes and make plans with my them but back out in the last minute.

You can call me a wimp or weak all you want but I always have this picture in my mind that there’s gonna be a car crash and I’m gonna die and my parents are gonna blame themselves for irresponsibility and I can’t console them because well…I’m dead. Also, dying in a middle of a lie where you can’t be there clear things up, is not my dream death (I don’t wish for death, but I do have dream deaths, it’s weird but I’ll probably explain it in the coming entries).

There’s also another thing: My parents have always put their 100% trust on me. I know that because they told me so. And It’s always one of the most sacred thing that I have between me and my mom and dad so I do my best not to break it.  For years, honesty has been a big deal inside our house and I make sure that I choose the right lies (lol I didn’t realize there are right lies) to tell.

Well actually, as of now, there is one thing that I’m currently hiding from my mom and it’s this giant bruise on my arm. And it’s not any ordinary bruise from bumping somewhere or shit, It looked so horrible it seemed I had an accident somewhere! And no, I haven’t even told you where it came from.

Last Friday, right after our department’s first-ever acquaintance party, I asked my friend to punch me. Just so you know, this friend of mine is a guy and look, I’m not being sexist or anything but I’m totally being rational here and we can all agree that the physical male anatomy is more advantageous than my beautiful female gender. Also that guy goes to the gym most of the week and probably has a background on martial arts.  So you get the idea of how my bruise looked like.

11119748_1027927323918340_2013866917_n (1)  Untitled-1

And if y’all wondering why I even asked him to punch me in the first place, well, there’s this habit that me and my friends have grown accustomed to and I think it started on the time when we got together at a birthday party at my friend’s place where everyone got wasted. I probably talked about it on the entry before this one.

Anyway, we have this weird fixation on forming a small circle and punching each other’s arms for no apparent reason except for pure entertainment. And it just feels so good to extend your inner force into your fists and transfer it unto another person’s flesh. I’ve never been into a fist fight before, well, except with my sister but that doesn’t count. So I poured all these reserved energy to my friends and theirs to me.

I don’t know maybe it’s because of the stress. Because one time, my classmate told me that there should be a punching bag inside the lab so we could just punch our hearts out whenever we want to when things fall apart.

So maybe I’ve been stressed because this week I’ve been sick a lot. I mean, my body seemed to just welcome all the bacteria around me with open arms. I’m still recovering from colds. I had dry coughs. I had swollen gums. I had diarrhea. And now the stupid bruise on my arm.

Anyway, it’s 2 weeks before the deadline of the AMV so the urge of punching someone again is steaming up.

Wasted Skins


We relived our childhood awhile ago and played around with fake tattoos. In all fairness, it looked kinda rad in the picture.

Updates on what’s happening: We are at the Second Wave of our Senior Production 1.  I’m done with the Animated TV Commercial and it’s time for making the music video. Damn. The Post-Prod now serves as a common room for me and my peers.  It’s now a sanctuary for the frustrated and the sleep deprived and the uncontrollable hyper and violent physical urges.

I realized I hadn’t talk about what happened after the submission of the ATVC and the prelims exam in Advanced Animation. Well, we were pretty worn out so we kinda needed to freshen things up. Luckily it was my friend’s 20th and she invited us over her place (which was convenient because it was a few minutes from my house).

There, we poured our frustrations and stress on the karaoke machine. As the night grew deep, madness ensues until we couldn’t tell what we were drinking anymore. Some were punching each other on the arm (which was evident the next day because of the bruises we had). Some lay down on the side of the road and watched the stars. Some just didn’t give a single fuck and kept singing the karaoke even after they vomited. The place was covered with cigarette smoke and vomit. And I have no idea how I got to where I was sleeping that night.