Wasted Skins


We relived our childhood awhile ago and played around with fake tattoos. In all fairness, it looked kinda rad in the picture.

Updates on what’s happening: We are at the Second Wave of our Senior Production 1.  I’m done with the Animated TV Commercial and it’s time for making the music video. Damn. The Post-Prod now serves as a common room for me and my peers.  It’s now a sanctuary for the frustrated and the sleep deprived and the uncontrollable hyper and violent physical urges.

I realized I hadn’t talk about what happened after the submission of the ATVC and the prelims exam in Advanced Animation. Well, we were pretty worn out so we kinda needed to freshen things up. Luckily it was my friend’s 20th and she invited us over her place (which was convenient because it was a few minutes from my house).

There, we poured our frustrations and stress on the karaoke machine. As the night grew deep, madness ensues until we couldn’t tell what we were drinking anymore. Some were punching each other on the arm (which was evident the next day because of the bruises we had). Some lay down on the side of the road and watched the stars. Some just didn’t give a single fuck and kept singing the karaoke even after they vomited. The place was covered with cigarette smoke and vomit. And I have no idea how I got to where I was sleeping that night.


Comforts and Colds

Rain is rare in my country and so everytime the indecisive Philippine sky decides to pour, it causes such big hype on people. Personally I love rain. If there’s anything I don’t appreciate about it, it’s probably getting wet from it. But nothing compares to the peaceful feeling of experiencing it indoors.

I love the cold. I love the paleness. I love the harmonious patters on the roofs. I love the smell of the wet pavement. I love the deserted streets. I love the tiny droplets racing each other on the glass windows. I love the people with their hands over their heads rushing for shelter. I love the windshield wipers in action.

And everything you love about rain makes you want to crawl up the sheets and cover every inch of your body. Your hot cup of coffee suddenly becomes something you want. Not just something you need. And when your playlist miraculously does the thing and everything is perfect that you just feel like wrapping your arms around the person next to you and burying you head in their necks. Legs entangled and you’d do nothing all day but smell each other.


You adjust to the most perfect spot on the couch and you nestle yourself there all covered in blankets. Food all around you to satisfy your gluttony. And for the whole day, you engross yourself to a complicated story of either a mad-man in a box or a fucked up kingdom with dragons that are compressed into a series of 45min episodes.

Either way, rain is to be celebrated by everyone because of the peace it brings.

or the water itself… if you’re a farmer.

When Shit Got Too Real on Twitter Tonight

It all started with an innocent tweet wishing for pizza tomorrow. And then people starting replying about the stuff that they wish. But it’s not as innocent as pizza. No, it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s not just a random craving that we can let go when we can’t have it. It’s something that we keep hidden inside our hearts and carry its weight as we go on and face life.

Tweets went like this:


And it became this long-ass path of replies making wishes about the people they may/may not have feelings for. Now, for those of you who still hasn’t got any idea what I’m talking about, this is a series of cheesy tweet replies indirectly addressed to a particular person (that would probably won’t even read them) coming from my friends.

They may not admit that they are actually serious about these tweets but I am 100% sure that these ideas don’t just come out of nowhere. I believe that the people involved are going through some stuff right now and that there are a LOT of things that are left unsaid and so they resort to these kind of games.

It’s fun when we laugh together as we mock ourselves with our worst situations in the love department. But is it still fun when the weight of what we’re all actually feeling creeps up when the lights are out and thoughts come pouring in as we lay awake at night?

Lang Leav-ish

On second thoughts, I do have something to say, actually. But no, it’s not everyone’s obligation to know or understand. This thing is addressed to you. Yes you. You may or may not know who you are but yeah this is for you and I’m doing this for my friend.

She misses you. Like a lot. There was never a day that she didn’t think about you. Literally. I mean, she’s been trying real hard to be casual around you. You know, like waiting minutes before she reply to your messages despite getting so giddy when you talk to her. I have no idea what on earth did you do to her that made her this crazy and stupid and weird and madly fallen. 

As much as I wanted my old friend back, I guess I can’t. She’s running around this prairie of temporary happiness. And she’s enjoying every moment of it while it lasts. She knows it’s never going to be. She understands that.

But things can’t get normal anymore when you’re around. Whenever she sees you, it’s all speechlessness and uncontrollable beatings of the heart . Everything stops. And I have to smack her right in the face just so she could come to her senses.  

I’m not asking for any help from you to solve this madness. I know you can’t do anything about it . I can’t. Hell, I don’t think she can too. 

So here’s a random doodle of a zombie to lighten things up in this cold and heartless and devastating world.


First Wave


This is the only thing I can give y’all a glimpse of what I’ve been doing lately. Also this is the only thing that’s decent enough to share. The pressure of the acads this year is drilling my brain  because it is the final year of my college education! AAARGH. I mean, I hope. I’m still not feeling it yet though. I’m still enjoying the comforts and perks of my status as a student.

To be honest I haven’t really got anything to talk about. I was just vain enough to post the rendered set model of my senior production. But Imma keep updated.