Opening Themes

You know there are days when you feel like all the time in the world is so precious that watching a TV show is so hardcore it’s like you’re trying to watch a 45-minute episode in 3 minutes. Of course, the closest way to achieve that goal is to skip the title sequence and carry on with your marathon.

And then there are days when you still feel like all the time in the world is so precious yet you just can’t afford to miss the title sequence because skipping it would be like breaking a ritual. It’s like a rite of passage from being a casual viewer to a crazy fangirl. It’s a preparation before embarking an hour of pure awesomeness discovering the deepest, darkest secrets hidden within the corners of you screen. The shocking revelations, the thrilling chases, the overwhelming emotions, the heated arguments, the blooming romances and the legendary victories.

And it’s not just a preparation. A title sequence is a whole cautionary advice for everyone who dares to enter the fictional world created by the greatest people ever lived.

Take Note of This, People (a rant)

I never understood how some people would look down at the idea of note taking. We were having a really good discussion the other day and so I was busy scribbling down the things that might be important when our teacher stopped and told us:

“There’s no need to copy, I’ll be posting this online.”

I can feel the smirks on my classmates’ faces as a number of disappointed enthusiasts (including myself) slowly closed their notebooks and put down their pens and stared at the teacher as they tried their best to stop their hands from twitching.

Ok, first of all, I was not just copying. I’m writing down the points I want to remember.

Second, what kind of teacher are you–discouraging your students the sacred practice of recording information captured from your lectures and powepoint slides that has clearly gave a major importance in the field of science and history since the dawn of the ancient Greeks?

Lastly, Do not think that you’re giving everyone a big favor by that remark because I just want you to know that note-taking is not a thankless task that causes inconvenience but rather it is a preferred style of a student when it comes to learning. It is a choice and not a requirement (except of course if you’re in high school and the teacher checks your notebooks at the end of every quarter). In some cases, it is a pleasure of the student to take down whatever they think is interesting and I think that’s okay. You don’t have to stop them.

I remember I had the same kind of teacher before, and believe me, she is far worse than everyone else because she told us to stop writing while she’s talking because it’s distracting. And I was like, WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?! YOU’RE A FUCKING TEACHER. YOU’RE EXPECTED TO EXPECT STUDENTS TO TAKE DOWN NOTES AND NOT BE DISTRACTED BY IT. Students who write down the things that you’re saying is a compliment because at least some people are interested in you despite of you having a focus span of an eye-dropper. And If you ever did become my teacher again, I’m not going to second guess in scraping my pen into your face and shoving my binder into your mouth.

Of course I’m joking. I choose not to get expelled or go to jail. But seriously people should stop making fun of note taking like it’s a waste of time or it’s really lame. I mean, we all have different ways of listening to lectures let’s just respect that.

The Heck Do I Need To Be From Mars For?

So I gave up with the Daily Blogging Challenges. I realized I was not really ready for that kind of commitment. Also, school is getting more and more demanding and there’s a lot of things I want to do. Believe me, the writing 101 gave me a chance of writing about the things that are I rarely give my attention to. It’s just that, I wanted to write about other things too and sometimes I’m not really that enthusiastic about making two entries in one night. And even though, the admin says it’s alright if you don’t post anything, I would always get that uncomfortable feeling everytime a new blogging assignment comes out knowing that I have not accomplished the last one. That’s why I decided to discontinue and go with my old routine.

Anyway, I just finished reading The Martian Child by David Gerrold and it was heart-warming I recommend y’all should read it. I was just disappointed that John Cusack’s really awesome and long speech (and yes, I memorized it because it was so good) that was in the film version was not there. I’ve been looking forward to it because I wanted to recite it but I finished it and it was not there. And since we’re talking about finishing things, I’m done with Assassin’s Creed and I’m proud of myself for holding on to it. I may play one more time because it’s entertaining although sometimes playing video games is such a waste of time. Seriously, it gives me a short term satisfaction and when I realized how long I was playing, the thought that I could have done more important things gives me the feeling of regret.

This semester, we’re making a stop motion film and I’m excited. We’re still making character concepts and right now, I’m scared of a lot of things. What if we fail? What if we do not meet our expectations? What if we get compared to the works of others? What if we’re not as good as the others? What if we’re unsuccessful? These thoughts are so nerve-racking that everytime you try to stop thinking about them, another scary thought pops out.

Nevertheless, I’m finally free to write whatever I want to write about. And NO I’m not saying writing 101 gave me too much pressure. I gave myself the pressure. I don’t want to get accused of hating something that is really cool and helpful. It’s just that I don’t feel like it.

right, I too much in denial. ok bye.

I need to see this movie again.

I need to see this movie again.

Now This Is Cheesy


What is this? I do not understand this. One moment, Silvia was reassuring me that we’re just friends and now look at us. She’s holding my hand when there’s really no reason to. Last night, I confessed my feelings to her but she told me that she can only see us as friends. So I said ok, and we both agreed that we should all forget about it and remain…good friends.

And right now I don’t know if she’s just trying to act as normal as she can or she’s mocking the agreement that we had. I mean, we held hands before but that was when I was still sane enough to hide whatever I was feeling. And now it’s weird.

It’s kinda painful too because despite the overwhelming feeling of interlocking hands with the girl of your dreams, the fact that she rejected you snaps you out of it. And when you try to pretend that she didn’t reject you and that she loved you back, the fact that you were pretending makes it even more painful.

It sucks that she’s just right there being so beautiful and having no idea how awful I’m feeling right now.


Ok, I initiated the hand holding because I wanted to know if he’s cool with it since we’ve done it loads of times before. I wanted to make sure that we can still be friends despite of what happened last night. Turns out, he’s more than okay with it. He kept on squeezing my hand and would beam at me from time to time.

I know I should be happy that we remained friends and not those people who get awkward after a rejected confession. But seeing his face last night giving in and not fighting back to what he’s feeling and right now acting out as nothing happened kinda hurts me a bit. Yeah, it was stupid of me rejecting him in the first place but I just wasn’t ready. Gary and I just broke up…ok maybe a year ago but I don’t know, I think there’s still a chance we might work things out.

Maybe not. In the spirit of honesty, I may have feelings for him. But I’m not sure. I mean, he’s always around and his presence makes me feel good. But why didn’t I just tell him I wasn’t ready? Why did I came with the stupid agreement of dismissing the chance that we could be together? God, I’m so stupid.

Now look at this idiot, staring at that old woman knitting and not caring about what’s been happening lately to both of us.

Old Woman

Well, well, well what have we have here. I never thought I’d see this boy again. Except he’s not a boy anymore, he’s a man now with a woman beside him. Last time I saw him, he was screaming at me that I should never have found him and that I should have let his poor, frail, infant body freeze outside the harsh snow. I don’t understand how could he hate me that much. I was only trying to protect him from that girl. She was using him. So I did what I had to do and separated them. Now look what happened, he’s found another one and I’m guessing their happy.

There he goes. Time flies so fast, I knew he wouldn’t recognize me.



Oh no. What is she doing here? Is she…homeless? But how can she? She’s always been a tough woman. But seeing her right now, it seems like she’s given up and It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have walked away from her. I should apologize and make up to her.

What is wrong with me? I’m a horrible person for walking past her. I couldn’t do it. I’m a coward for not facing her and saying sorry for the things I said. I just…couldn’t.


What’s the matter with this guy? He’s crushing my hand. Look, I understand if he’s just trying to be really friendly but man, can’t he let my hand breathe. It’s losing it’s color. Wait. Is it me or I can see tears on his eyes?