Here’s to the hottest star in my galaxy of friends. My seestrah and my colleague who’s got an extremely large amount of humor and imagination. A passionate photographer and a good listener. Knows the art of insulting a person without actually offending them. The one who has the most distinct and the most contagious laughter. We may not have a coherent agreement when it comes to music but whenever you want someone to share something you are enthusiastic about, he’s your man.

And here’s to the easiest person to love. Nothing is more genuine than her laughter. And the sweetest thing anyone could spend their time with. And I have to agree, she does compare to a sunshine. For whatever reason she may have on why she entrusts me with the stories of her life right from the start, I am forever grateful for it just as much as I am grateful for her with listening to mine. I hope that happiness surrounds her because she’s a one tough tiny person who deserves it.


My Eyes Are Actually Glistening With the Ghost of My Past

In celebration of the Banned Books Week, I managed to finish 1984 by George Orwell before the 27th. Fun story about that, I didn’t really know about Banned Books Week until a few days ago while I was scrolling through my dash on tumblr and It just so happened that I was reading a quite controversial dystopian novel that discusses totalitarianism. So, it’s quite hard to ignore that coincidence.

Also, I am happy for myself for really finishing this book because, to be honest, there has been so many attempts before which lead to snoring in the couch which lead to putting the book back on the shelf. It was a graduation gift (in my request) from a childhood friend. My teacher was talking about it back in high school saying that 1984 is the origin of the reality TV show, Big Brother (in which I now know that it’s more than that). But that’s not the reason why I got interested in reading it. The reason is the fact that George Orwell, this guy from 1949 made a novel predicting what may happen in the future, which is 1984. Which is, in our timeline, our past. Which makes it easier to relate if it really happened or not.

And the reason why I decided I really have to read the book (not just make attempts on starting it but actually finishing it), is the series of signs from my mundane life. The first one, is this article from wordpress about this book being banned in Thailand. Which makes it 10x cooler! And still, on the same day, while I was watching vlogbrothers’ behind the scenes of The Fault In Our Stars (because I just finished watching it. Now you realize how long it took me to read this blippid book), Shailene Woodley confirmed 1984 as her favorite book and The Fault In Our Stars as being second to it.

So yeah. Never ignore coincidence. And that is how it lead me here. Yey.

But really, this book is really dark and gloomy and there was never a scene where the character was actually happy. I mean even if he was having sex with this girl (and in their world, sex is like, prohibited), there was still this hint of controlled actions that gives you the feeling of confinement. The world the characters are in is unsafe and uncomfortable and there’s no way of escaping it. Imagine your life having that feeling of being watched, like all the time.

What really stuck me about this book is how it described the people’s perception on what is real. And it’s really terrifying to think that it may also be our case. Especially in my generation where we depend so much on media. After reading the book, I was left with dreadful thoughts. I became conscious on the things I listen, see and learn. What if these things are just mere cover-ups on what is really happening?

What is really happening?

If the Party was able to convince the main character, Winston that 2+2=5, what then becomes of us in this world? How much truth do we really know?

This is a really ingenius way of exposing the ways of the authority. And on behalf of the Banned Books Week, I think that this book should not be banned at all. I think that everyone should be able to read it. I’d like to end this entry with one of the important quotes that should be written in every commonplace book or be tattoed on every skin just to give everyone a warning,“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”


September 19, 2014

I saw Michael again today after many years. I was out awhile ago because the internet has not been back so once again I had to go to a computer shop (In which I left my account open and god knows what’s going to happen to me). After that, I went to do some errand when somebody called out. And it was him.

“How are you? Still going to school?”

I said yes.

He held out his hand (a gesture indicating I had to pay respect by pressing my forehead to his hand) And then he started talking gibberish again and there’s nothing I could do but nod and say I had to go. Then he told me to take care of myself. I nod again and smiled at him and went on my way.

When I was in elementary school, and there’s no one to pick me up after school, I usually ride home with my friends’ favorite pedicab driver – a guy named Michael who has speech problems, tucks his pants higher than his waist and never forgets to greet an elder. You see, most of the pupils in my school had grown quite affeccionate to him because his behavior is years behind his age and probably his brain is the same age as ours. I guess that’s why he kinda feels connected to us.

Everyday at 4:30 in the afternoon we’d pester him with childish but mean insults. Sometimes he’d even cry to it. But here’s one thing I’m sure of, we never teased him about his condition. And I guess because we were never really bothered by what he is. In some days, especially in a good weather, we’d prefer walking alongside his pedicab while our bags stay on the passenger seat. We’d tease him again by pushing the ride wherein he’d lost control. And then he’d be mad at us. But everything cools down whenever we’d stop by a store to buy some iced candy.

He was never into any trouble, our parents trusted him and we are all friends with him. It’s not like we look forward to him every dismissal, it’s just that after we’re through playing whatever game we could come up with in the school yard, he’s always there. Waiting in his pedicab.


Blogging 101:Say Your Name

HA! I did not give up on my Blogging 101 Assignment! Well, it is a few days late but I did not give up on it and that is what’s important. Anyway, about assignment, I decided to vote against changing my title and tagline.


I don’t know, I just feel like I’m already connected to it. I mean, this has been my title and tagline for a very long time and changing it would be like shaving my head. The analogy did not make sense but I hope you feel me about this. I got both my title and tagline from the songs of one of my favorite bands called The Maine (Misery and We’ll All Be).

To be honest it doesn’t really have anything to do with whatever I want to say to anyone who visits my blog. It does not contain any stories or emotions. I just chose it because I love the sound of it.

Now I’m Being Like Prince Zuko Here

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself 

Who am I? Well, I’m pretty much this dweeb who is trying to regain her honor from the shame of giving up the previous series of Blogging 101 assignments. Not that I actually feel ashamed by discontinuing it, it’s just that I want to start over and get really serious about it. I want to complete Blogging 101. And right now, I can say that the first assignment is already giving me a bit of a challenge. You see, our internet connection has been out for almost a week now and I’m currently in this shabby computer shop and using this shitty keyboard just to give you an idea of who’s the person behind this entry.

I’m a student studying animation for almost 3 years now. I do some trashy artworks sometimes and I am well proud of it. I watch a lot of films and TV series (There’s too many to mention but you can ask me :D). I read sometimes. When I feel like it. I’m usually this person who tries her best to make the most of her life.

I’ve been running this blog since November 2012. I usually write about whatever excitement or disappointment that’s happening in my life. Sometimes I post my art. You can check out my archive if you want, just to give you an idea.

So, what the fuck am I doing here? well like I said, I want to achieve something in my blog. And I’m thinking this might be a way to it. Although I can’t promise to myself (or to anyone who’s interested) of how long shall I hang on, I gotta say I’ll do my very best to keep up.

Some Kids, Probably In Love

“___ and ___ sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

first comes love, then comes marriage

then come’s baby in a carriage”

It’s fascinating to realize that this playground song has been sung on the three consecutive films that I’ve recently watched. I don’t doubt it since all of these films are about childhood and friendship and love. I’m having a day off from all this animation and rigging and shit so I had the chance to watch films. 

Little Manhattan


“Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake. The truth is, there’s gonna be other girls out there. I mean, I hope. But I’m never gonna get another first love. That one is always gonna be her,”

I don’t usually have favorite films but If I ever did have one, I’d consider this to be one of it. It’s a story about young love set in New York City, one of the most familiar places in all films that I have watched. The film is narrated by this little kid named Gabe telling the story of how his world spun around this really pretty girl named Rosemary Telesco. In here, he talked about the awful feelings in the pit of his stomach, the sacrifices he was willing to make just to spend time with the love of his life and the pain that had no name when he got his heart broken for the first time. One reason why I’ve always been into films about young romance is that they’re all so innocent and endearing and does not involve complicated problems that adult romance has. 

Plus, the soundtrack is the best part. It has those songs, where you want to listen to over and over again and let that particular scene where the song was played in the film hang in your head and make your chest feel light and heavy at the same time. That may not make sense but that’s what happens whenever I listen to Where My Rosemary Goes by Freedy Johnston, Love by Matt White and Younger Yesterday by The Meadows.


My Girl


I have been deceived by the trailer! The story does not really revolve around these two kids like the trailer implied. It’s actually just about the little girl, Vada and her issues in her home. The boy, Thomas J. was just a supporting character who follows Vada around and was the only one who listens to her rants.  But the story was good. The ending was not as I was expecting. And Anna Chlumsky is really beautiful. 

Bridge to Terabithia


“She brought you something special when she came here, didn’t she? That’s what you hold onto. That’s how you keep her alive,”

I have almost forgotten about this movie! It’s been years since I last watched this and man, it never failed to leave me in tears. The story is about a boy named Jess who met this imaginative girl named Leslie and they went on with all their adventures in a place they call their Terabithia. It’s a place like any other place you’ve been when you were 12 and still in the stage where you still can’t detach with pretend-games. I’ve read the book when I was younger and I remember how crushing it is to hear Jess’s point of view while he speaks about Leslie in the saddest words Katherine Paterson has to think of.  Okay, should stop right here because I might spill some spoilers. 

Anyway, it’s again played by the same kid from Little Manhattan, only a little older. And Zooey Deschanel is so beautiful. 

So that’s about it. I still have one last film that came with these three but I’d rather put it in another entry because it gave me TOO MUCH feels. And when I said too much, it really was TOO MUCH, because my friends have seen the aftermath the next day.