Let that Reflection Show

Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

Last summer, I had a teacher and she challenged us that for a day, we should try ourselves to avoid the concept of vanity and carry on with our lives without the awareness of how we look. Of course, since it’s one of those homework where you could just lie and say that you did it and come up with stories about that particular experience, nobody bothered to actually do it.

Also, these ambiguous little shards of surfaces that is so shiny it has the power to project much of the physique of a certain object are really hard to avoid. Well, not the mirrors really, but the reflection of yourself from it. Since we don’t really visualize ourselves in a third-person point of view, mirrors are kind enough to give us the pleasure of seeing how others see us and aiding us in making predictions on how others would think about what we look. Horrid or fabulous. I know it may sound giving in to the issue of stereotyping of the society based on the appearance of one, but I think the world has a long way to go before anyone could go out of the house without getting stabbed by the watchful eyes of everyone.

Despite of it being ordinary, daily instrument of vanity, this thing is as important as the reality it reflects. 

G’day Sunshine

Daily Prompt: New Dawn

I love waking up early in the morning. I am a morning person. I love having the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in a breezy early morning air. I love the stillness of everything around me as everyone else snores innocently, unaware of the turn of another day. And the stillness of the already awake and yet still lying on their bed and staring in the ceiling and pondering about another day they’re going to face. I love the feeling of waking up at peace with nobody screaming about my tardiness. There is no rush. And no one running around the house screaming and panicking and complaining about the time. 

To be honest, early mornings are the best moments to wake up. 5:30 am to be exact. I know the heavy feeling of having to rise up early in the morning when you still feel like you could extend time and sleep for another couple of minutes but I just have to prefer this time than waking up at almost lunch time with an extreme headache and the inevitable heat of the late morning sun. 

I love waking up early to kill time. Whenever I feel like going to class late, I would still wake up early, still do my morning routines and then I’d waste my remaining time doing irrelevant things aside from sleeping. That’s is usually the reason why I sometimes get late. 

Unpopular opinions.tss. 

I Kinda Need That Hundred and Four Days of Summer Vacation

Daily Prompt: August Blues

There was never a year in my elementary days when the first day of the school year was scary. or boring. I never gave first days of school negative thoughts because I was always excited about it. I mean I was 10. and I couldn’t wait for the day to show off my new set of supplies. I couldn’t wait to see the friends I’ve missed the whole summer even though they live just a couple of minutes away from my house. I couldn’t wait to start fresh and begin to becoming a more responsible pupil which I promised this summer after seeing my grades.

I could’t be happier to be outside the house and taste freedom by running wild across the fields of my school with my friends without my mom calling me up to wipe the sweat off my face. School time back then were as fun as summertime.

And now…

I don’t even know what summer feels like anymore. And I’m not talking about the scorching heat of the sun because I am well familiar with it. I’m talking about the idea of relaxation and fun and sand and sleep. It seems like the month of April and May were just another tiresome series of activities. And then you get to continue them when the month of June comes around. They’re all summer classes. With fucking homeworks and irrelevant things. 

I need a day-off.

The Fault In My Feels


Yeah, I’m in the midst of saying awful farewells to some of my beloved films and music and series in my hard drive . And even though there’s still 52.3 GB free space, I kinda needed to learn how to let go of things that I think are unnecessary. Also, that’s not everything in there. Awhile ago, I transferred some to my laptop and it still has its red warning sign of full space occupancy (dafuq did I just say?). 

I don’t know how anyone (if this happens to anyone) gets these awful sentimental feelings towards a file that is actually sometimes experienced once and never again. And even though you might not plan on watching it again, it kinda feels like its your obligation to keep it. 

Anyway, I won’t be saying a lot of things about this because I’ve told about it in some of my entries and it might already sound too tedious. I also did not leave any links to those entries because of my unwillingness to exert effort right now in this particular moment. And besides, who reads this blog anyway?


On the other hand, I just watched the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars and it was good. I wasn’t disappointed nor … I do not know the word exactly for the opposite of disappointment. I mean, I looked it up but the answer I got was success. And I don’t think that’s the word I’m looking for exactly since I’m looking for a word that describes a feeling you get from something that exceeds your expectations.

To show you my point, I made a graph for you to visualize it.graph

Seeing this actually made me want to review my thoughts. But, I’ve already put some effort in making this graph so I’ll just have to push it. Right, so as the graph shows it, the blue arrow pointing downwards is the failure of fulfilling a certain expectation (DISAPPOINTMENT). The yellow arrow is actually meeting an expectation (SUCCESS).The red arrow pointing upwards is just LUCK. It’s basically having no or low expectations over something yet you get awesome results.

It’s not the same as exceeding expectations because you don’t really believe that something is going to happen. You do not see success on that something. But if you do have an expectation and the odds are too much to your favor, that’s where the green arrow comes out. And that’s the word I want to know. 

I’ve already ask some people and I’m still waiting for their reply.Perhaps anyone can help?

Anyway, I may have complicated a lot of things but there’s really nothing much to talk about today. Oh, and about The Fault In Our Stars, my only comment is that I wish Hazel’s mom was a lot like in the book because she’s one of my favorite characters. Her sarcasm wasn’t really shown in the film and that’s what I was looking for. But all in all the film was a success (as my graph has shown it).

Labor with Love

Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!

I don’t have a proper work yet because I’m still a student. And as a student, I think the idea of work should be thought through because if I ever get mistaken on what I think is the reason of why I get up everyday in the morning, then I think I’m gonna have a problem. I’d like to think of work as more than a survival from the watchful eyes of the society or from the harsh environment of taxes and prices. And even though I still can’t imagine myself as a person with an actual job who can actually feed myself, I’d like to think that however I work must be a fun thing for me. 

Here’s the thing, If I ever get to work on something that I love and that I don’t get money from it, I’d say, Why the hell should I stop? This is real happiness we’re talking about! It may sound cheesy but no matter how practical you think, you just can’t compare the satisfaction you achieve from your love of doing that service to those bits of paper you exchange with people. And everything is a lot simpler when money is not involved. 

And If I hate the job and money was out of question then I’m done. I am definitely getting out of there. Simple as that. And with my free time, I would do lots of art and do lots of entries in my blog and have marathons of series that I want and at the same time look for work that I would actually be happy with. And I know that looking for a job is not as easy as I say it but that’s my plan..for now.

But things get complicated when the situation changes. What if I hate the job and get money from it? I know it’s getting off topic but I can’t help but think about it. What would I do?

I think that’s the time when I don’t do anything about it until conscience hits me on the head despite of what I said two paragraphs ago. Yes, I am a hypocrite and I know it and I’m so sorry. But given the situation of how the world is right now, I think it’s really hard to do good.

You know those people doing awful things for good reasons? WelI, I see those kinds of people everyday. And I can’t blame them. I actually feel sorry for them. Imagine that situation where your moral senses get to be tested just to feed the people you love. 

Oh, how the world sucks.